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Who Makes Gluten Free Beer in Canada?

Who makes gluten free beer in Canada? This is an interesting question as gluten free people love their beer too! However, sometimes it is a challenge going to the liquor store to get a cold one and not knowing what beer is truly gluten free. Who wants to have a cold one only to get sick minutes later? As a result, many gluten intolerant people do not even take the chance. How sad. So why do they have to miss out on one of the nice pleasures of life?

However, all is not lost! There are options in Canada. Yes, there are breweries who actually make gluten free beer. Here are a list of some to look for the next time you go to the liquor store.

Breweries that Make Gluten Free Beer in Canada

Heathen’s Brewing – Located at Unit #7 3300, 14th Ave NE in Calgary Alberta, this craft brewery is open from Wednesday to Sunday. There is also an online ordering option for pick up or delivery. It is Western Canada’s first and only craft brewery that is completely gluten free. You can fin this beer through parts of Alberta. Some of the beer it produces are Tropical Haze NEIPA, Asgard Ale, Kvasir’s Peanut Butter Stout, and Land of Njord Milk Stout.

Glutenberg – Located on 5600 Hochelaga, suite 200 in Montreal Quebec, this micro brewery is world renowned for it’s gluten free beer and has won awards. All of it’s gluten free beer is made with 100% gluten free raw materials. It’s beer is available through Canada and parts of the U.S. The brewery produces a large selection of gluten free beers such as Glutenberg’s Blond, APA, Red, Gose, IPA, White, and Stout. It also produces a non alcoholic beer.

Whistler Brewing Co. – Located on 1045 Millar Creek Rd in Whistler BC, this brewery produces a couple of gluten free beers. Their beers can be purchased in Western Canada and Ontario. Their gluten free beers are called Forager Pale Ale and Forager Lager.

Helix Biere Sans Gluten – Located at 90, Rang Rivière aux Écorces in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts Quebec, this gluten free micro brewery has been in the gluten free market for 20 years. Their beer is sold throughout the province of Quebec. They have two kinds of gluten free beer NEIPA and Farmhouse.


Who makes gluten free beer in Canada? Thankfully there are a few places that do. As a result, there are options for gluten intolerant people. That is a wonderful thing. Because now they not only can have their beer; they can drink it too! Bottoms up!

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  1. Your information is out of date. Heathens in Calgary have ceased operations and there are new players. Grey Fox Brewing in Kelowna, Port Rexton Brewing in Newfoundland and Minski in Barrie Ontario.

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