Walkers Shortbread Gluten free – Do shortbread cookies have gluten?

Now here is a tasty topic to discuss! And that is – do Walkers shortbread cookies have gluten? And if so, do they have a variety of shortbread that is gluten free? Let’s discover the delicious answers together.

Is Walkers shortbread gluten free?

The regular variety of Walkers butter shortbread cookies ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE. Sorry for the capitals there, but I want to keep you safe. We know that Walkers regular shortbread has gluten because the main ingredients in the cookies is regular white wheat flour (also known as all purpose flour). You already know as a Celiac, or someone with a gluten intolerance that wheat flour is strictly off limits to us.

Does Walkers make a gluten free shortbread cookie?

Yes! I’m always super excited to be able to tell you about a gluten free product that I trust and love. Walkers has two different types of gluten free shortbread available:

In fact, I have a box of the regular gluten free Walkers shortbread in my cupboard at this very moment, and I can easily confess to you that as I have a lovely cup of coffee at hand that those cookies are calling out my name! (I’m sure by the time this article is done that I’ll have succumbed and gone to get a shortbread cookie or two. Haha!)

The ingredients in Walker’s gluten free shortbread are nice and simple, which we always appreciate when we have to eat gluten free. None of us wants a bunch of complicated ingredients we can barely pronounce! Here are the ingredients in the Regular gluten free shortbread: Gluten free flour blend (rice flour, potato starch, maize (a corn product), xanthan gum), butter, sugar, salt.

Ingredients in the Ginger and Lemon variety of Walker’s gluten free shortbread: Exactly the same as above, but with the addition of candied stem ginger, powdered ginger, and lemon oil. I haven’t personally tried this variety yet, but boy does it sound good!

Walker’s gluten free shortbread: Review

I love this shortbread! I’m thrilled to be able to eat a good, buttery shortbread cookie again. The taste is quite close to the original, and the cookies do not fall apart and crumble AT ALL. I was impressed with how well these cookies stood up. I’m not a tea or coffee dunker with my cookies or biscuits, but I’m quite confident that these cookies would do just fine being dunked in your favorite hot drink, and still stand up and not completely fall apart.

The buttery flavour is rich and simply wonderful. And, as any good shortbread biscuit, these are not overly sweet.

Is Walker’s shortbread vegetarian? Is it vegan?

Walkers shortbread cookies ARE vegetarian, as of course they contain no meat products. But they cannot be considered vegan because they use real butter in the cookie dough, which is traditional in shortbread cookies. Butter, of course, is a dairy product derived from cow’s milk, so therefore it isn’t vegan.

Is Walker’s shortbread kosher?

Yes, both types of Walker’s gluten free shortbread are labelled as kosher products.

Walker’s Gluten free shortbread Conclusion

Well now! Have I gone and made your day? And, do you suddenly crave a hot steaming cuppa with a few Walker’s biscuits on the side? Then my job here is done. I’m so glad to report that we Celiacs and those with gluten allergies or intolerances can still have a wonderful, authentic shortbread cookie as a treat.

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