Vancouver Gluten Free Bakeries – Great GF Food in BC

There are gluten free goodies down there, folks!

It’s the weekend, and you have a wonderfully aromatic cup of coffee in your hand. Now, you just need a delicious baked good – maybe a muffin or pastry – to go with it to make up the perfect breakfast. But, alas – you need to eat gluten free! If you live in the Vancouver, BC area you’ll have no trouble finding some delicious bakery goods that are indeed Gluten Free. Let’s find some great GF bakeries for you…onward!

The Gluten Free Epicurean, Vancouver, BC

Just as the name implies, this is a gluten free bake shop that wants to set itself apart from the rest. Located at Fraser and Kingsway, they offer a 100% gluten free experience. The freshly decorated shop – gleaming in white – is a gorgeous place to visit and shop from. And, they use organic finely ground brown rice flour as the main flour for all of their baking. Yay! We love that it’s not based entirely on the gluten free starches like potato starch, that bake up nicely but have less nutritional value.

On the menu at GF Epicurean: donuts (yum!), pizza, sandwiches, and much more! They do custom order cakes – but remember to order in plenty of time to be assured that it’ll be ready for your special event. Oh, and they offer gluten free baking classes – a great option as a gift for your favourite celiac!

Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery, Vancouver, BC

Located at 3385 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC  (Cambie and 18th), this dedicated gluten free bakery uses a variety of freshly ground GF flours to create their delicacies. They bake up fresh bread in 16 (!) varieties; plus gourmet cakes in individual or 6″ sizes; tarts in mouthwatering flavours like Salted Caramel Pecan and oh – did I mention they make CROISSANTS!? Please try one on my behalf and leave a comment to let us all know how delightful they are!

Panne Rizo Gluten Free Bakery, Vancouver BC

Located at 1939 Cornwall Avenue, this is another dedicated gluten free bakery! I love that there are so many options for celiacs and gluten free eaters in Van. Panne Rizo offers some different takes on gluten free eating: like samosas! They would make an ideal, simple lunch that is healthy for us – maybe with a bit of fresh salad on the side. They also have gourmet gluten free cookies like pecan snowballs, rumballs, and bird’s nest cookies. And, their pumpkin pie looks delish!

Shop for Gluten Free Baking Mixes ONLINE

Another option I always like to give is to share some of my favourite online resources to stock your gluten free pantry. Having a few reliable gluten free baking mixes on hand, means you can always whip up something delicious when you don’t want to drive over to your favourite bakery. Here are some gluten free must haves that will allow you to create delicious baked goods at home:

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This Betty Crocker gluten free brownie mix is definitely one to keep stocked in your pantry. They are delicious – ooey gooey, rich and chocolatey. At one bridal shower I attended, a guest had made these and decorated with a cream cheese frosting and then dotted each individually cut brownie with fresh berries. It was so good! But these are chocolatey enough that you truly don’t need to frost them. Just right when that intense chocolate craving strikes.

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Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free pie crust mix is the next must-have. This mix gets incredible 5/5 reviews! And for those of us who haven’t eaten gluten for years or decades, the idea of a flaky and delicious pie crust almost reduces us to tears. Create a delicious apple pie – classic! – or a blueberry pie served warm and oozing with vanilla ice cream on top. Or, use this as a pastry base for some little butter tarts. It’s up to you! This is the very next item on my ‘Must Buy’ list, and as soon as I do whip up a gluten free pie with it, I will come back and let you know how it turned out!

I know that eating gluten free can be downright stressful. (I’ve lived that life too, for well over a decade.) So, hopefully these resources – of 100% gluten free bake shops in Vancouver, and gluten free baking mixes – will ease some of that stress. Eating should be joyful! I hope today you learned a little something that will bring a bit of joy back into your eating.

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