The Top 10 Gluten Free Blogs 2019

Gluten free blogs are an incredible resource! Whether you’re newly diagnosed as Celiac, or you have a gluten allergy – sometimes it feels like a huge challenge just to eat . But thankfully, there are amazingly gifted writers and recipe creators that give us resources that help us to begin gluten free living, and stay on the gluten free path. Your health will thank you.

These are our top 10 choices for Best Gluten Free blogs for 2019. Happy GF surfing, y’all! And, if you have a fave gluten free blog that you’d like to tell us about, then please leave a comment.

Best Gluten Free Blogs

  1. Gluten Free Girl – In the approximately 13 years or so I’ve had to eat gluten free, I’ve had certain ‘comfort blogs’ that I return to again and again for help. This blog has always been a virtual hug – but, also a blog filled with very helpful information. Although this blog hasn’t been updated since 2017 (does anyone know why!?), I still felt it had to be on this list. It will help and assist both newcomers to the gluten free lifestyle, and give inspiration to those who’ve been GF for years. (PS. Shauna began her blog in May, 2005 – so there are 12 years worth of archives to explore!)
  2. CAFE – (Celiac & Allergy Friendly Epicurean) – Jackie is diagnosed with Celiac disease herself, plus her children have severe allergies (and one is Celiac, too.) Whew! But, rather than get overwhelmed by her family’s serious reactions to certain foods, she got determined. Her blog has some very helpful recipes – like homemade gluten free hamburger buns – and some unique ones like Gluten Free Asian ground beef.
  3. My Darling Lemon Thyme – Emma Galloway is a new-to-me gluten free author, and one of whom I’m now a very big fan! Her sweet and aptly named blog features real food recipes, and food that is both gluten free and very healthful. (Those two qualities don’t necessarily always go hand-in-hand.) A beauty of a blog, and one that you will adore wandering through and gaining inspiration by. Which recipe do I want to try first? Her Raw Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bites. Oh, heavens they look lovely.
  4. Gluten Free Homemaker – is an approachable, and wonderfully practical gluten free blog that helps you feed your family gluten free. Linda’s gluten free meal plans will be a mainstay of planning your menu for the coming weeks. A huge help!
  5. A Baking Life (Gluten-Free) – While this blog hasn’t been updated in quite a few years, it is a treasure trove of delightful gluten free baking recipes. The photography is minimalist and stylish, and Tara is a very talented writer. It is a joy to search through this blog – so have a cup of coffee ready to enjoy as you read it. (I want to try her Pumpkin Spice bread RIGHT NOW!)
  6. Bless Her Heart, Y’all – is a Southern take on gluten free eating! Which means it is downright delicious, with a healthy dose of charm added for good measure. The recipe I most want to try: Garlic Avocado Pasta (a simple, fast weeknight meal.)
  7. Casey the College Celiac – provides a whole different take on living with Celiac disease! Casey started her blog when she was in college, and now she’s in grad school and continues to blog. She features recipes, lifestyle tips and hints and personal posts about how being Celiac has changed her life. (And definitely not all for the bad!!) Her smoothie bowl recipes are insanely scrumptious looking. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a smoothie bowl for breakfast, and now I’m questioning: WHY!?
  8. Flippin’ Delicious – is a blog that I’ve now fallen in love with. Why? Because blogger Brianna is determined that anything gluten free can be even more delicious than its gluten-containing counterpart! Oh, yeah. That is the kind of attitude that we love, especially when we have an overwhelming craving for cake. (These mini carrot cake cupcakes would satisfy that craving nice and quick!)
  9. Gluten Free Global – is a beautiful blog that will inspire you to keep on travelling, even if you have to eat a gluten free diet! Georgie was diagnosed as Coeliac in 2005. A few other family members were already diagnosed as Coeliac, which she says made the journey a little easier for her. And speaking of journeys – this girl loves to travel! She has excellent tips for those of us who want to eat well, but stay healthy while enjoying adventures around the globe.
  10. Healthy Gluten Free Family – is an excellent resource that provides recipes that the whole family will enjoy! And of course, every recipe on the website is 100% gluten free. The recipe section is vast, and easy to search through. The Asian Chickpea Salad immediately caught my eye – and my stomach took notice, too!

Favourite Gluten Free Blogs – Conclusion

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of gluten free blogs available for us to read, be amazed by, and be inspired by! It’s incredible to think that all of these wonderful resources are available right at our fingertips, at no cost. I am so thankful for that.

I hope that our Top 10 Gluten Free Blogs will become some of your new favourites, too. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by what limits us, we can discover that we have more options available to us than we ever dreamed possible.

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