Picture of Schar gluten free bread.

Schar Gluten Free Bread

Schar gluten free bread is a gluten sufferers dream! Yes, for years gluten intolerant and celiacs had to struggle to find good alternatives to bread and baked goods. And the gluten free breads that were available were either too dry, or too hard or pretty tasteless. With Schar’s gluten free bread, all that is a thing of the past. Yes, this delicious bread has put many smiles on people’s faces. Why is this bread is so good?

Schar Gluten Free Bread – Good ingredients and Variety!

The key to any good food is quality ingredients and Schar’s bread has it in spades. If you go to their website and look at some of their ingredients, you will see a lot of healthy things! Also, their bread is gluten free, dairy free, preservative free, non GMO, Wheat free, and no eggs added. This is amazing! So many today struggle with some sort of food allergy, it is nice to know that there are alternatives for many of them.

Another nice thing is that they have a lot of variety of breads and baked goods. Schar’s offer a variety of sliced breads such as Artisan Baker 10 Grains & Seeds, Artisan Baker Multigrain, and Artisan Baker White Bread. They also offer Baguettes, and Hamburger Buns. So nice to have variety!

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Schar gluten free bread is a delight to any bread lover but especially those who are gluten intolerant. No more will they have to be left out from the delights of bread. Now they can enjoy bread like the rest do! Now you can have that Ham and Cheese sandwich you always loved and now you can have that juicy burger with all the fixings! Now that’s what I call living!

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