Schar gluten free bread – the Best GF whole grain or white bread

We love bread! From a slice of crunchy toast in the morning – topped with anything from peanut butter to mashed avocado – to the slices needed to make the perfect sandwich, bread is a necessity in many households. But of course, when you’re eating gluten free you need to change the type of bread you eat entirely. Fear not! There are plenty of excellent gluten free bread manufacturers you can turn to for delicious gluten free bread that you’ll want to eat. Today that food producer is Schar, a producer of gluten free products since 1981.

Schar makes a variety of gluten free bread, to satisfy whatever bread craving you happen to be having. Check out some of the awesome choices below:

Schar Gluten Free Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread

If your favorite kind of bread is hearty and artisanal in nature, then this loaf (Canadian link here) may be the one you’ll love most. This loaf is crafted with ancient grains like millet and buckwheat, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds for flavor and fiber, and also a touch of honey. Interestingly, this bread is the #1 best seller right now on Amazon. Impressive! And it just goes to show how popular gluten free bread has become. 4.5/5 star review. Also dairy free. Excellent choice for both toast and yummy crumble-free sandwiches.

Schar Gluten Free White bread sandwich loaf

If you prefer something less grainy, and enjoy a good loaf of gluten free white bread (Canadian link) then Schar also has an option for you. This bread has a delicious soft texture that will remind you of ‘regular’ bread. (Yessss!) The perfect bread for yummy sandwiches and toast, or try making a batch of delicious gluten free French toast with it too. Like most of Schar’s bread, this loaf freezes well. 4.5/5 star review. Also dairy free.

Buy Schar Bread in Canada – on Amazon or

If you’re visiting from Canada, then we have a couple of different purchasing options for you for this delicious gluten free bread. The Schar multigrain loaf (loaded with millet and flax and sunflower seeds, super wholesome) is available in a single loaf. The Schar white bread sandwich loaf is also available in one loaf at a time – although I would usually buy a couple of loaves and keep one stored in the freezer so I never run out of good gluten free bread. And there is also a deli-style sourdough gluten free loaf that would make incredible sandwiches! It is a smaller loaf though, at only 240 grams versus the 400 gram loaves the other two types of bread come in at.

I also found Schar gluten free products available on – a Canadian online retailer that I really love. If you prefer to shop with a retailer besides Amazon, then we’ve found your Schar products available through this online source. Here is a list of Schar products currently available (and has free shipping over $35.)

Schar Gluten Free – Conclusion

Today we’ve discovered some excellent products for anyone who has a gluten allergy, Celiac disease, or even just prefers to not eat gluten. If you’ve been craving some good bread that is 100% gluten free, then we found some with Schar. May these slices be the foundation of your next gourmet sandwich creation. Happy, safe eating to you!

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