A picture of popeyes ghost pepper wings to highlight the issue if they are gluten free.

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings – Are They Gluten Free?

Popeyes ghost pepper wings, are they gluten free? Many love the spicy goodness that these wings provide. Whether watching your favorite movie, or watching your favorite sports team, these wings are a must have! And surprisingly many of us love hot and spicy food and these pepper wings can pack a punch. However, can gluten sufferers enjoy these wings? Can they have their mouth on fire like the rest of us? Are they gluten free?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings – NOT Gluten Free

No, these wings are NOT gluten free! The one thing that is of concern is that these wings are breaded. Usually when food is breaded, it is breaded with wheat flour. However, there have been times when food has been breaded with something else like corn starch. So what about Popeyes ghost pepper wings? If you go to their website and look under Nutrition Information you will get a list of Popeye’s menu and their nutritional information. Just below this, there is a list of allergens that are in the menu items. When you look under their Bonafide mild and spicy chicken wings, it shows that they contain wheat in them. Also, if you scroll further down, they list the items on their menu that are gluten free. The only items they list as gluten free are apple sauce, Cajun rice, red beans & rice, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and jalapenos. Their chicken wings are not list here because they are not gluten free.


Popeyes ghost pepper wings are not gluten free. It is good that Popeyes clearly shows this on their website which is appreciated. Unfortunately for gluten intolerant people and Celiacs, if they want to have some hot spicy wings, they will need to look elsewhere. That might be difficult but if all else fails, you can always make your own wings and put all the spice you want on them. This might be the best option as you will not have to worry about gluten at all. Eat well and stay safe.