Picture of O doughs flat bread being used as a pizza crust

O’Dough’s Gluten Free Multigrain Flatbread Review – GF Pizza Base

O’Dough’s is a company based in Ontario, Canada that makes a wide range of really delicious gluten free foods. They specialize in gluten free bagels, breads and even muffins. I first discovered an O’Dough’s bread loaf in Walmart here in Calgary, and while I hadn’t researched this food line before buying it (which I usually do), I decided to take a chance. I was out of gluten free bread, and really love a couple of slices for breakfast with my cup of coffee. So, it was a bit of a risk – but boy, it’s one I’m glad I took!

I’ve tried a few of O’Dough’s products now, and for gluten free these are downright AMAZING! I love the rich, moist texture of their gluten free breads. (One friend described it as having a consistency of cornbread – that moist and good.) Today’s review, though, is all about their Vegan Multrigrain Gluten Free flatbread. I’d been hankering for an easy way to make gluten free pizza at home, and I figured this would solve that dilemma.

About the O’Dough’s Flatbreads

Allergy alert: These flatbreads contain soya flour, which is a common allergen. If you need to avoid soy products due to an allergy or sensitivity, please don’t eat these. (I’ll try to search for ever more products, including soy free ones.) They may also contain sesame and egg.

These flatbreads are perfect for making homemade gluten free garlic bread, bruschetta or focaccia. But, like I already mentioned – I wanted pizza! And so did my husband, who has to eat dairy free. So, we were on a mission to turn these delicious multrigrain flatbreads into pizzas we both could eat without getting sick.

Making Pizza with O’Dough’s Flatbreads

The trick to making pizza from flatbreads is to pre-cook some of the pizza toppings. Normally, you are creating pizza with uncooked pizza dough, so the baking time in the oven is enough to cook both the dough AND the toppings. But, since your flatbreads are already baked and only need to be warmed, you’ll need to saute your veggies and/or meat ahead of time. We made our pizzas using:

  • Chopped onions
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Chopped green peppers
  • Cooked ham
  • Two different cheeses: Regular mozzarella cheese for me and Daiya dairy and soy free cheese for my lactose free husband.

Using a precooked type of meat – like the ham we were using – makes things a lot simpler. You could also use regular pizza toppings like salami or pepperoni. (And for you vegetarians and vegans out there: there are lots of meat-free varieties to choose from  now!)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. (While the oven is heating, I quickly sautéed the onions, mushrooms and peppers.)
  2. Place frozen flatbread on either a pizza stone or an ungreased baking sheet. (My favorite is OXO. They are durable baking sheets and never warp. I love them!) Bake until crust is slightly firm to the touch, about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Remove and add your toppings! I put a layer of pizza sauce, the ham, and the sautéed veggies and then coated all in a liberal topping of cheese.
  4. Return to oven until toppings are well warmed through, and cheese is melted.

NOTE: The only thing I would do differently next time is only preheat the frozen flatbread for a minute or two, allowing more time after to get the cheese a bit more bubbly.

How did the flatbread pizza taste?

I adore this flatbread! It made a great personal size pizza. The package of 3 allowed my husband and I to each have one and a half flatbreads. The pizza crust came out crispy and crunchy on the edges, and yet with a lovely soft interior. I like the flavour of the multrigrain crust – it tastes more interesting, nutty and substantial than just a plain white crust. I think I overbaked the flatbread a little, and like mentioned before I would only preheat the crust for a minute or two the next time I made these. (They weren’t exactly burnt, but a little overdone for my taste. But that’s my fault, not the fault of the product! )


I would give this delicious flatbread a 5/5 rating! It really is a perfect combination of crunch, ooey gooey soft interior – it tastes like a pizza crust used to taste when we could still eat gluten. It is not crumbly in the least, and holds together perfectly.  Even when I reheated my flatbread pizza in the microwave the next day, it stayed moist and delicious. I’m not sure how this product could possibly be improved upon. I’m a fan!

I received one free product from O’Dough’s after I contacted them. I’m a big fan of all of their products, and plan on purchasing these from now on whether I receive freebies or not! O’Dough’s products are available in Canada at Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, and local natural food stores like Amaranth Foods here in Calgary. Visit their website at https://odoughs.com for more retail locations.