Are Milky Way candy bars gluten free? Gluten free candy bars and treats

We are on a quest to discover all the gluten free eats and treats we can find. Today’s question: “Are Milky Way bars gluten free?” Milky Way bars have a distinctive malted chocolate flavor that was developed in 1923, when chocolate malts were still a popular drink to order at a diner. Covered with a thick layer of caramel and then coated in rich, delicious milk chocolate and you have a double-delicious chocolate treat! But, is it gluten free? Can Celiacs eat a Milky Way bar?

Is there gluten in Milky Way bars?

Sadly, some Milky Way bars do contain gluten. The distinctive malt taste in the Original Milky Way bars comes from an ingredient called malted barley. (It’s the same ingredient found in Whoppers candies, and therefore makes Whoppers an unsafe snack for us too! But we’ll write more about Whoppers another day.)

But, never fear! There are two varieties of Milky Way bars that don’t contain malted barley, and so are gluten free!

So, as long as you don’t grab a regular Milky Way bar to snack on you should be okay. The Milky Way Caramel or Milky Way Dark bars have no gluten ingredients, but there is no guarantee that there aren’t cross contamination issues at the factory where they’re made. (That means that other candy bars or candies might be made there that DO contain gluten.) Please keep that in mind, particularly if you have Celiac disease. Safe and happy snacking to you, friend!

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