Is little Caesars gluten free?

Little Caesars Gluten Free – Do they have gluten free pizza and food?

Is Little Caesars gluten free? You might think that this is an odd question because that is not what you think of when you think of this pizza chain. What you think of is quick, economical, pizza that you can easily pick up or have delivered to your door. When ordering pizza at Little Caesars, most people think of convenience and not nutrition or allergies. However, there are many gluten intolerant and sensitive people who love pizza. Many of these ones would love to eat a pizza from Little Caesars. So is it gluten free?

Little Caesars Gluten Free? Mostly No.

I went to the Little Caesars website and viewed their nutritional information and looked at what items on the menu do not contain wheat or soy. Regarding main dishes, the only thing that fit this category was Oven Roasted, Buffalo, and BBQ Chicken Wings. The only other items that did not contain either of these was their pizza toppings. However, their base pizza dough is not gluten free. Also, if you are extremely gluten intolerant or celiac, I would worry about cross contamination as there is nothing that indicates there is a dedicated gluten free area in their kitchens. So even just ordering the wings or a few toppings could bring risk if you are gluten sensitive.

Does Little Caesar’s have gluten free pizza?

No, you guys. Sadly, Little Caesar’s at this point in time does not carry gluten free pizza. They only have regular wheat crust pizza, which of course is totally out of bounds for us to eat.


Is Little Caesars gluten free? The answer is no as their pizza dough contains wheat and there is not a dedicated gluten free area. So unfortunately if you are gluten intolerant and are desiring to have a pizza. You will have to look elsewhere or maybe even make your own gluten free pizza at home. But do not fret, as there are more and more gluten free options out there for pizza. Who knows, maybe someday Little Caesars might offer a gluten free pizza. Come on Little Caesars, we’d love this option!