Kansas City (Missouri) Gluten free bakeries

Hello! Today we’re discovering the best gluten free bakeries that Kansas City, MO has to offer its residents and visitors. We are all about delicious, homemade baked goodies that are also completely gluten free. Join us to find the best in Missouri…And remember, we try our best to find DEDICATED gluten free bake shops, meaning they ONLY create gluten free delights! Then even if you’re Celiac, you should feel safe eating at these locations.

The Littlest Bake Shop


These guys claim to be Kansas City’s first dedicated gluten free bake shop! Yes!! And, they also are completely vegan. So, if you (like me!!) have multiple food allergies, then this place will become your favorite hangout quickly. 100% Gluten free

Their menu is organized according to the day of the week, meaning they bake certain items on certain days. For instance, their Friday menu (for pickup) has:

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes: 4 different flavors that day, including Vanilla Cherry (Yum!) and Chocolate Raspberry
  • Muffins (assorted flavors)
  • TONS of brunch options! These will be prepared when you arrive for pickup UNLESS you call ahead and order. The Brookside order is of homemade gluten free biscuits with jame. Something that lovely and simple – but gluten free AND vegan – just makes my heart happy you guys.

Location: 645 e. 59TH ST. KANSAS CITY, MO 64110

Visit their website to order online and pay ahead of time, and then you can simply pop over to the bakery and pick up your order. Easy and super yummy.

Kansas City, Missouri gluten free bakery – Conclusion

So far we have found one gluten free bakery in the beautiful city of Kansas City, MO. Do you know of any others? (We really prefer to feature dedicated gluten free bakeries, but we’ll listen to your other recommendations to! Please email us your favorite spots.)