A cupcake on a plate to denote that someone can get a gluten free cupcake at a Kansas City gluten free bakery.

Kansas City Gluten Free Bakery – GF Treats in Missouri!

Does Kansas City have a gluten free bakery? The city does have a lot of interesting places to go such as the numerous cool jazz spots and the large number of museums. The city also has great restaurants and bakeries to enjoy. But gluten free? Yes, Kansas City has a number of bakeries that offer gluten free options. But even better, the city also has a few bakeries that are completely gluten free. That is amazing! Here are a couple of the city’s best below.

Kansas City Gluten Free Bakery

Morgana’s Gluten Free Bakery – Located on 9711 East 63rd Street in Raytown, this bakery is fully gluten free. Yes, a 100% gluten free bakery, woohoo! However, you can preorder online. The bakery specialize in cakes, desserts, breads and pies. Some of the items that you can pre order are cinnamon rolls, bread, rolls, cupcakes, peach pie and dairy free donuts.

The Littlest Bake Shop – Located on 645 East 59th Street in Kansas City, this bakery is gluten free and vegan. The kitchen is a dedicated gluten free and vegan kitchen. You can order and pay online on their website. Some of the items that are available on their pick up menu are salted caramel apple cobbler, vanilla hazelnut cup cake, chocolate vanilla cupcake, blue berry pancake cup cake, 6 inch chocolate cake with vanilla swirl and 6 inch churro cake.


Kanas City gluten free bakeries are alive and well. And this trend will continue to grow. This is great news for gluten sufferers in the area. So plan to have your favorite gooey snack or guilty pleasure. Knowing that you do not have to worry if it will make you sick. Be well my friends!

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