Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free – Do they have gluten free subs? Gluten free fast food

Jersey Mike’s have been whipping up delicious subs since 1956! If that’s not impressive enough, then think about the fact that they currently have over 1900 locations in the US. Wow! That’s an awful lot of subs, people, and we’re all for it! But, for all of us with a medical condition that requires that we eliminate gluten – we need to know if there are gluten free subs and sub fillings at Jersey Mike’s. That’s what we researched to discover.

Does Jersey Mike’s have gluten free bread?

Thankfully, yes! Jersey Mike’s does have an option to order up gluten free bread. They carry Udi’s bread rolls as a gluten free option for their customers. These are pre-packaged and completely safe as they are carefully wrapped. Thank you Jersey Mikes! You can order either a full-size or a half-size sub with this gluten free bread.

Not only do they have Udi’s rolls as a gluten free bread option, but there are a lot of gluten free sandwich fillings that are also gluten free. Oh, yeah!

Jersey Mike’s gluten free sandwich toppings

MOST of Jersey Mike’s sub fillings or toppings ARE gluten free. But please always let your sandwich maker know that you have an allergy or are Celiac. They should always change their gloves and wash their hands to prevent cross contamination.

Now, here are some of the toppings that are gluten free :

Gluten Free Meats

  • Cappacuolo (which is a dried cured salami, in case you’re wondering. As I was! This is technically called Capicola, but Jersey Mike’s puts their own spin on this classic Italian cured meat by calling it Cappacuolo.)
  • Bacon
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Grilled chicken
  • Ham
  • Pepperoni
  • Prosciutto
  • Roast Beef
  • Steak (Famous on their cheese steak subs. Yum!)
  • Tuna Fish (which is great! We were surprised to discover that Jimmy John’s tuna fish mixture wasn’t gluten free!)
  • Turkey breast (99% fat free)

Gluten Free Cheese

  • Provolone
  • Swiss Cheese

Gluten Free Veggies

  • Grilled onions and peppers mix
  • Jalapenos (grilled, I believe)
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms (grilled)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Tomatoes

Gluten Free Sauces and Toppings

  • Chipotle mayo
  • Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • Mayo (mayonnaise)
  • Ranch dressing
  • ‘The Juice’ – a lovely blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar. This is served on their freshly made cold subs.
  • Thousand Island dressing

What is Jersey Mike’s sub in a tub?

If you prefer to not have bread at all, then you can ask for gluten free sub toppings to be served in a tub instead! This is like a salad, but with all the sub toppings and sauces that you love. Yes! This is another option if you’re Celiac or have a gluten allergy. And ‘Sub in a Tub’ sounds pretty darn catchy, too.

Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free – Conclusion

There are a lot of options at Jersey Mike’s for those of us who cannot eat gluten! And of course, that’s always very exciting for us. It’s nice to know there’s a sub shop nearby that you can eat from, and not get sick after visiting. (Find the location nearest you by visiting their website. And there are also two locations in Ontario, Canada – one in London and one in Kitchener.)

Please always let your server know that you have a gluten allergy, to ensure the best practices to avoid cross contamination. Otherwise – enjoy that gorgeous, delicious sub! It’ll make a perfect lunch.