Is wine gluten free? Gluten free alcohol and drinks

There is nothing nicer than a lovely glass of wine to round out a beautiful dinner. Whether you’re dining out, or are enjoying a beautiful meal at home – wine lovers take great pride in choosing just the right wine to complement the meal. But, for Celiacs and those with a gluten allergy or intolerance, there is that ever present question: Is wine gluten free?

The good news is – yes! Wine is gluten free! In its natural form, the wine itself is gluten free because it is made mostly from grapes. Simple. There are a few other additional ingredients in some wines, such as flavoring, tannins, or sugar. But (sorry, there just had to be a but, didn’t there?) the way the wine is made or stored can add minute amounts of gluten to the end product. For instance, when stored in barrels, some producers may seal the wine in using wheat paste. That means that tiny amounts of wheat could technically be transferred to the wine.

The Verdict: Is wine gluten free?

In the vast majority of cases – yes! Wine is gluten free. Wine is made predominantly from grapes – not grains, like beer – so, in its purest form it is always gluten free.

In rare cases, production or storage methods may have introduced a trace amount of wheat/gluten into the wine. It is very rare for such to be above the widely accepted 20 parts per million of gluten. (Legally, if a food contains over 20 ppm it cannot be labelled as gluten free. If it is under that threshold, it can be called gluten free.) If you are sensitive to even minute traces of gluten, then be sure to double check the bottle. Winemakers need to add an allergen warning label to their product if it contains over 20 ppm of gluten.

Thankfully, the vast majority of wine is perfectly safe to drink! So, that is one less thing you have to add to your ‘Cannot Eat or Drink List.’ Hooray!