Is Wendy’s chili gluten free? Gluten free fast food

Some days I just want to curl up with something warm and comforting to eat – like chili! Wendy’s chili has long been a favorite of mine. But, have you ever wondered if Wendy’s chili is gluten free? Is it safe for those of us with a gluten allergy to eat? And is it safe for those with Celiac disease to eat? We researched it all, so that you can eat safely!

Does Wendy’s chili have gluten?

Get that spoon ready to dip into some delicious chili you guys – because Wendy’s chili is GLUTEN FREE! Hooray! I get so excited when we find another delicious food that we can feel confident telling you about.

The best part is that you can get really creative at Wendy’s with your additional chili options. What do I mean? Well, Wendy’s has plain baked potatoes that are also gluten free. I love to smother a baked potato with their chili – thereby creating a Chili Topped Baked Potato. Sounds good, right?

But, you can go even further! Wendy’s has other condiments that are gluten free that you can use to top your gourmet GLUTEN FREE Chili Potato creation. Check these out:

  • Sour cream – This creamy topping makes the perfect accompaniment to the potato and chili. (Not dairy free.)
  • Chives – This is usually used on their Baked potato with sour cream and chives. But you can ask for it separately, too, to add on top of your own baked potato creation.
  • Cheese – Glorious cheese! If you’re a cheese lover, then ask for a sprinkling of cheese in your chili. Actually, when we go to Wendy’s our friendly ‘Wendy’s guy’ always asks if we want cheese in our chili. Or, you could always ask for the cheese on the side, if you prefer.
  • Salsa – Add a little kick of extra flavor with a packet of Wendy’s salsa.
  • Hot Sauce – Ask for packets of hot sauce if you want to kick up both the flavor AND the heat.

Of course, you could just eat your Wendy’s chili as is. I just love that Wendy’s has more options for those of us who must eat gluten free. Wendy’s lets us get creative with our food!

Gluten Free Wendy’s Chili – Conclusion

So yes! Wendy’s chili is gluten free! I’ve eaten it for years and never once had a bad reaction. But, as always, if you are Celiac – please check with the Wendy’s you’re ordering from to make sure there are no cross contamination issues. But, Wendy’s is one of the best fast food restaurants for providing gluten free food options for their customers. Happy – and safe – eating, everyone!

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