Is Tabasco hot sauce gluten free?

Ahhh TABASCO, the classic hot sauce – the traditional kick of spice that even my parents kept stocked in their pantry! (And that’s amazing, because I wasn’t exactly raised on spicy foods! But, Mom and Dad would always drag out the Tabasco sauce when it was time to have a spaghetti dinner.)

And no wonder! A kick of Tabasco hot sauce adds just the right amount of heat to all sorts of different dishes. But, we who are Celiac need to know if it is safe to enjoy this old favorite. Is Tabasco sauce gluten free?

YES Tabasco is gluten free! And, it always has been – naturally. The ingredients in Tabasco hot sauce are so delightfully simple: peppers, vinegar and salt. That’s it! And all of those ingredients are, in themselves, gluten free.

On Tabasco’s own website they say that their hot sauce IS gluten free, according to the standards set about by the FDA. So – go ahead and safely use Tabasco hot sauce in your Classic Bloody Mary, your Jambalaya, or even your famous spicy Chili. Of, if you’re like my Mom and Dad – make sure it’s on the table when you’re having a comforting spaghetti meal.

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  1. Ingredient list says it contains wheat. Is this only GF because it’s less than 20PPM? I react to less than 10PPM.

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