Is soy sauce gluten free? Gluten free soy sauce options for Celiacs

Soy sauce is one of those salty, umami tastes that adds so much flavor to all sorts of dishes. Obviously, soy sauce is also a very popular condiment in Asian cuisine – and is a favorite dipping sauce for the always popular sushi! (I don’t think any of us could imagine dipping our sushi into anything BUT soy sauce!) But is soy sauce gluten free? Can even Celiacs find a soy sauce that is safe for them to eat?

Is soy sauce gluten free?

The sad truth is that most traditional soy sauce is NOT gluten free. We can quickly discern why this is by looking at the ingredients list on a typical bottle of soy sauce – it almost always contains wheat. In fact, most traditional brands of soy sauce are very simple, and contain: soy, wheat, salt and water.

But, we also have some excellent news! There are plenty of varieties of soy sauce that now ARE gluten free, and tested and verified to be gluten free, too. Find some of the varieties in our list of gluten free soy sauce, below.

Gluten free soy sauce options

As we’ve already mentioned, traditional types of soy sauce may not be gluten free. But, there are lots of types that are gluten free! We’ve found lots of them to share with you, in our list of gluten free soy sauce. P.S. If you’re visiting from Canada, we have some Canadian retailers in our next section…so carry on!

  • San-J gluten free soy sauce is made with 100% soy and absolutely no wheat. It gets a steady 5/5 rating from soy sauce lovers, so we think you’ll really enjoy this one. This one is considered a tamari soy sauce.
  • Kikkoman Tamari soy sauce is also gluten free. This comes in a large jug size if you and your family use a lot of soy sauce! Or, of course it’s also a handy size if you run a restaurant.
  • San-J ORGANIC gluten free soy sauce – All the gluten free deliciousness of the regular San-J gluten free soy sauce, but in an organic variety.
  • San-J gluten free soy sauce (Tamari) – Low sodium – Also comes in a lower sodium variety! This is great news for those of us who love soy sauce, but don’t necessarily love the really high sodium content.

Gluten free soy sauce options (Canada)

Right, as promised, we’ve found some excellent choices of delicious gluten free soy sauce available in Canada! We’ll share choices from both and

Gluten free soy sauce – Conclusion

There we have it you guys! While regular or traditional soy sauce may contain gluten, there are plenty of types that are GLUTEN FREE, and we aimed to find as many of them for you as we possibly could. You can still enjoy soy sauce in your favorite recipes or as a sushi dip, even if you have Celiac disease or a gluten allergy. Enjoy!

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