Is Pepto Bismol gluten free? Gluten free health questions

We answer a lot of gluten free questions around here, and try to make it easy for you to find out quickly which products are or aren’t gluten free. So, is Pepto Bismol gluten free? That’s our question of the day! You need to know, because Pepto is the most popular stomach and digestive aid – but you need to know it’s gluten free before you take it.

Pepto Bismol has no gluten ingredients, but…

The good news is – Pepto contains no gluten-containing ingredients. So, for many people with a mild or moderate gluten allergy or intolerance, you’ll likely be okay to take Pepto Bismol liquid, chewables or caplets (that you simply swallow) when your tummy is upset. BUT, the manufacturers of Pepto Bismol have not labelled it as gluten free on the packaging. Why? Because there is a chance of cross contamination at the factory where Pepto is made. It’s not produced in a facility that is completely void of all gluten.

So, you’ll need to decide for yourself if Pepto is safe for you to take. There is a small chance of cross contamination in Pepto Bismol products. Stay safe, and keep well.

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