Is panko gluten free? Are breadcrumbs gluten free?

Hello again, and welcome to today’s question post: “Are breadcrumbs gluten free? Is panko gluten free?” Breadcrumbs and Japanese-style breadcrumbs called panko, are very popular recipe ingredients. They are often used to create a crunchy coating or topping on popular foods such as fried chicken.

So, as a Celiac (or someone with a gluten intolerance or allergy) you need to know if they’re gluten free. Are they?

Can Celiacs eat panko? OR breadcrumbs?

No, you guys. Regular panko or breadcrumbs have wheat as the main ingredient in them, so they are definitely NOT safe for Celiacs to eat. The name gives a major hint as to the main component of breadcrumbs – bread. And regular bread is normally made with wheat flour. So this would be downright dangerous for a Celiac to consume.

Gluten free Panko

But, we do have happy news in this post, too! You can find gluten free panko crumbs. They have the same lovely texture as regular panko crumbs, but entirely without gluten of course.

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