The Panago pizza logo to highlight the question, is Panago pizza gluten free?

Does Panago Pizza have gluten free pizza? GF Pizza Takeout in Canada

Is Panago pizza gluten free? Many people who are gluten intolerant are hoping the answer is yes! This is because many Canadians love their pizza as it is very tasty have a variety of toppings. Also, it is quick to make and you can pick it up in no time! So is it gluten free?

Is Panago Pizza Gluten Free? – It Is Gluten Smart Not Gluten Free

At Panago’s website, they have a crust that they say is gluten smart. This is a pizza crust besides their normal crust, which like most pizza bases DOES contain gluten. So, be sure to order the ‘Gluten Smart’ crust.

What is that? And why is it not considered to be certified gluten free? Here’s what their website says:

“Manufactured in a strictly gluten-free environment, this crust is a glorious blend of tapioca starch, whole grain sorghum, and sweet rice flour instead of traditional wheat flour AND it’s even free of all major allergens (dairy, eggs, soy, wheat/gluten, sulphite, shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard and sesame seeds).

So why do we call it gluten-smart and not gluten-free? Well it’s easy. Every day our stores make fresh made dough and with all recipes made to order that pesky flour has a way of hanging around our open concept kitchens. With this possibility of cross contamination we dont’t want to put any of our customers at risk, especially those with celiac disease or moderate to severe gluten intolerances.

We take food safety and handling seriously, our restaurant staff receive a high level training, and there are several procedures in place to keep the potential for cross contamination at a minimum. Keeping this in mind, we do not recommend our Gluten Smart crust to those who are celiac or have a high intolerance to gluten.

In a nut shell, the risk of cross contamination is real as everything is made in an open kitchen. Panago does have some measures in place to minimize that as listed below.

Procedures to Minimize Cross Contamination

The same website above list some methods Panago has in place to minimize cross contamination and they are:


Panago’s gluten smart pizza crust cannot be called certified gluten free. The pizza crust itself is gluten free. But because it is prepared and baked in an open kitchen with items that are not gluten free, there is a serious risk of cross contamination. Their own website even says that those who are very gluten intolerant or celiac should not have their pizza. They do have procedures in place to minimize cross contamination but that is a risk that must be weighed. Panago has taken step in the right direction but not enough to be considered gluten free and as such buyer beware.

Only people with light sensitivities to gluten should feel comfortable eating this pizza crust base from Panago Pizza.

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