Is Laffy Taffy gluten free? Gluten free candy and treats

The question of the day is: “Is Laffy Taffy gluten free?” This popular chewy candy comes with a joke wrapped around every piece! But, if you have a gluten allergy, intolerance or Celiac disease, you’ll need to know if it’s safe for you to eat.

Does Laffy Taffy have gluten?

Laffy Taffy does not contain any gluten ingredients. So, you may decide that it is safe for you to eat. But, please be aware that it is not verified gluten free. And, it is made in a factory that could come in contact with gluten-containing ingredients. So, some people may decide it is safe to eat and others – especially Celiacs – may decide it’s not safe enough to eat.

So – there are no gluten ingredients, but it is not a certified GLUTEN FREE product.

Gluten free candy and treats

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