Is Jello Gluten free? Is Jello vegan? Gluten free desserts and snacks

You’ve come to have the question answered: “Is Jello gluten free?” Jello (Or Jell-o) has been a popular gelatin dessert since it was introduced in 1897. Wow! I figured it was likely an old-time dessert, but I certainly didn’t know it was developed before 1900! But, let’s dig a little deeper into this popular dessert to discover if it’s safe for Celiacs or anyone with a gluten allergy to eat.

Does Jello have gluten?

Jello gelatin desserts do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients. So, technically it is gluten free. But, since it is made in facilities where other desserts and food products are made that DO contain gluten, there is a concern about cross contamination. This means that anyone with Celiac disease would have to be careful about deciding whether to eat Jello desserts. Truth be told, it’s better to be safe.

But if you have a mild intolerance, or haven’t had issues with possible cross contamination before, then you might choose to eat Jello.

Is Jello vegan?

Sorry you guys, but the answer is no, Jello is not vegan or vegetarian. This is because the gelatin in Jello is from animal sources. So, if you’re vegan or vegetarian you won’t want to eat Jello.

Is there any gelatin dessert that IS gluten free? Or vegan?

We did a little hunting to find some other options for gelatin desserts that ARE certified to be gluten free! And vegan to boot. Here are the products we found:

Is Jello gluten free? Conclusion

So, we discovered today that Jello doesn’t contain any actual gluten in it, but due to where it is made there could be cross contamination issues. So, it’s your decision whether or not you feel safe eating Jello if you’re Celiac or have a gluten allergy. BUT, we also discovered some types of gelatin desserts that are certified gluten free! So, you’ll have a totally safe option for you or your family when you’re just craving a jelly dessert.

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