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Is Heinz Ketchup Gluten Free?

Is Heinz ketchup gluten free? Most of us would assume so. And why not? When we think of Heinz ketchup, we think of the thick sweet tomato goodness that makes our mouth water when we see it on a hamburger or a hot dog. However, for gluten sufferers, caution is always needed and you cannot assume anything. So is it gluten free?

Is Heinz Ketchup Gluten Free? Appears To Be So

If you go to the Heinz website and click on their products, it gives you a break down of potential allergens and ingredients in each of their ketchup products. For example, if you click on Heinz’ classic ketchup, it will show no allergens and lists it’s ingredients as TOMATO CONCENTRATE FROM RED RIPE TOMATOES, DISTILLED VINEGAR, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CORN SYRUP, SALT, SPICE, ONION POWDER, NATURAL FLAVORING.

From the above information, it appears to be gluten free. I looked at a couple other of their ketchup products such as their Organic and their No sugar Added ketchup. Both also had no allergens and no gluten ingredients. However, the website or label does not state that these products are gluten free. If you are very gluten sensitive or Celiac, you might want to contact the company to make sure there is no chance of cross contamination. It always good to be careful.


Heinz ketchup appears to be gluten free as there are no allergens and no ingredients that contain gluten. But if you are very gluten intolerant, you might want to check further to make sure there’s no chance of cross contamination. However, this is potentially good news as everyone’s favorite ketchup is available to everyone which is a good thing. And just in time for summer! So go have a picnic or barbeque and enjoy your burger, your hot dog with everyone’s favorite ketchup!

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