A picture of couscous, to pose the question is couscous gluten free.

Is Couscous Gluten Free?

Is couscous gluten free? Couscous is a tiny type of pasta, popular in Middle Eastern dishes in particular. It is a very popular food in the world and it is readily available at grocery stores. There are three types of couscous available: Lebanese, Moroccan and Israeli. Are any of the types of couscous gluten free?

Does couscous contain gluten? Or is it Gluten Free?

NO, couscous is not gluten free. Sadly, any of the traditional types of couscous contain wheat and is therefore not safe for Celiacs to eat. (Or anyone with a gluten intolerance and/or allergy.) I am sorry to say that couscous is not gluten free.

Can you buy gluten free couscous?

We went on a hunt to see if any of the gluten free food manufacturers are currently producing gluten free couscous using other grains besides semolina wheat. We did manage to find some!

  • Streit’s makes gluten free couscous. This is an Israeli style couscous, and is also kosher. Please note that this couscous is not vegan, as it uses pasteurized egg whites in its recipe. At the time of writing this product is still in stock at Amazon – but please note that can change at any time.


Couscous is not gluten free so if you are gluten intolerant or Celiac, you should avoid it. Instead you should look for alternative flours and grains such as rice flour, tapioca, corn starch, buckwheat, quinoa and almond flour to name a few. AND, of course we managed to find a brand of couscous that IS gluten free. Always be sure to check the label, however, as traditional couscous is not gluten free. Happy – and safe – eating to you!

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