Is cornstarch gluten free? Gluten free baking essentials (GF Baking questions)

Corn starch is an important ingredient used to thicken sauces and puddings. And, since it says ‘corn’ right in its title, we might assume that it is always gluten free. Is that true? Is cornstarch gluten free?

Is corn starch gluten free?

The happy answer is yes! Corn starch is almost always gluten free. That is because, of course, it is derived entirely from corn.

To make sure that your corn starch is 100% gluten free, always use a variety that is labelled as gluten free right on the box or container. (This one, by Bob’s Red Mill, is clearly labelled gluten free.) Why? As we’ve talked about many times before, the issue of cross contamination can occur, meaning that if the cornstarch is made in a factory where other items containing gluten are also processed, some may contaminate the cornstarch.

But, generally, corn starch is a gluten free and safe food! Use it to thicken things like gravy, that would normally be thickened with wheat flour. Also, some fruit pie recipes also use cornstarch to thicken the juices in the pie – yum! Am I the only one who now wants a nice big slice of pie? 🙂

Gluten free cornstarch brands currently has the following tested and labelled gluten free cornstarch brands:

  • Bob’s Red Mill gluten free cornstarch – I love this, because Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products are ALL made in a dedicated facility that is only used to create gluten free products. This really gives us a sense of security when eating their products, and I happen to love many of their products – especially their gluten free flours. My favorite one remains the gluten free finely ground brown rice flour – I use it all the time.
  • Judee’s gluten free cornstarch – This one is also guaranteed gluten free (no cross contamination issues at all), and is GMO free too, which is nice.

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