Is Captain Crunch (Cap’n Crunch) cereal gluten free?

Oh, we’re on to a big bowl of breakfast! Captain Crunch (technically called Cap’n Crunch) is a very popular breakfast cereal. I’d say it’s especially popular with kids, and has been for decades. But, is this popular sweet treat of a breakfast a gluten free option for Celiacs and others who must avoid gluten? We researched to find out!

Does Captain Crunch have gluten? Can I eat it if I have a gluten allergy?

The anwer to this one is – it depends. Cap’n Crunch technically does not contain any gluten ingredients, as it uses oat flour and corn flour as the major components of its cereal. BUT, that oat flour is not verified gluten free and the box of cereal itself is not labelled as gluten free. If you have a mild intolerance, you might decide that it’s safe for you to eat this cereal, since there are no gluten ingredients in it. But there is a definite chance of cross contamination – something for you to keep in mind to prevent getting sick.

Can Celiacs eat Captain Crunch?

So…if you have a mild gluten intolerance, you may well be able to safely eat Captain Crunch cereal. But, if you are Celiac – we are saying DO NOT eat this cereal. The likelihood of contamination with wheat in that oat flour is just too high. Plus, this cereal is not verified as a gluten free food.

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