Hardee's logo to highlight the question, "is Hardee's gluten free?"

Hardee’s Gluten Free – Gluten Free Dining

Is Hardee’s gluten free? At first look, you might say no as it is a fast food restaurant specializing in burgers and the such. It is popular with many and the food made there seems to appeal to the masses. But is it gluten free or have any alternatives?

Hardee’s Gluten Free – Cross Contamination Risk

If you go to Hardee’s website and look under nutritional info, you notice that they list all the allergens that are in their food they make. This includes a symbol for wheat and a symbol for gluten. However, they then have this disclaimer at the bottom:

“All food items are prepared in the same kitchen. Cross-contact may occur.” The disclaimer then goes on to say: Anyone with any food sensitivities, allergies, special dietary needs or specific dietary inquiries or concerns should consult a medical professional of his/her own selection regarding the suitability of our food products and/or ingredients, and should regularly review the information contained at our website for content updates.”

As from the above, there is a risk of cross contamination. To alleviate fears, questions need to be asked such as “Is there a separate fryer used for gluten free items? Do the workers put on gloves when handling gluten free items? Is there a dedicated section in the kitchen used for gluten free items?” This might help you in deciding if you should eat there.


Hardee’s is not gluten free. They might have some gluten free alternatives they can prepare but there’s a risk of cross contamination. So caution is needed and questions need to be asked. However, if you are extremely gluten sensitive or Celiac, the risk might be too great. It’s too bad but better safe then sorry as the old saying goes. Also, there are more and more gluten free restaurants appearing. Take care and keep safe everyone.