Are wontons gluten free? Gluten free wonton wrappers – do they exist? Gluten free Asian food

Some products just make you think: “Oh, there must be wheat in there! I definitely can’t eat it.” Wonton wrappers are one of those products for me. And sometimes, you just really want to whip up some delicious wonton soup. So, are wonton wrappers available in a gluten free format? I went on a hunt to find out.

Are regular wonton wrappers gluten free?

No, regular wonton wrappers are not gluten free. They are made with all purpose flour, which is of course made from wheat.

Are there wonton wrappers without gluten?

So far, I haven’t been able to find any! Now, that definitely doesn’t mean that they absolutely don’t exist. I just can’t find them yet. Have any of you ever seen any? I found recipes to make your own (Gluten free on a shoestring has a good one using all purpose gluten free flour), but I’d like to find out if there is also a premade product that would make the task of creating homemade gluten free wontons a lot quicker.

When I did a search for wonton wrapper on Gluten Free Mall, for instance I was able to find frozen Asian foods like gluten free spring rolls, and egg rolls. But I couldn’t find the gluten free wonton wrappers.

But, I will keep hunting and update this post when I’ve discovered some! I know they must be out there…