Gluten Free Restaurants Vancouver – Great GF Eats in BC

Vancouver is one of our favourite places to be, and the gluten free dining options are outstanding! If you are Celiac or have a gluten allergy (or for other reasons choose to not eat gluten), then you will be thrilled with the delicious gluten free food you can find in Vancouver. Let’s start finding your next gluten free dining adventure…now!

Edible Canada on Granville Island

Granville Island is accessible from Vancouver by either an adorable little ferry boat, or a bridge. Choose the wee boat for a charming experience that makes you feel like you’re getting away from it all! Edible Canada was a gluten free dining experience that made my heart sing. Why? Because I had fish and chips!!

Created with a light and fresh batter, the fish was deliciously flaky and just perfect when dunked into the rich housemade tartar sauce. It had been literally years since I’d had fish and chips, so this almost brought tears to my eyes. It was just as I’d remembered it – except even more delicious. Their menu has wonderful gluten free options like: sturgeon, wild salmon, duck poutine, and a berry and rhubarb pavlova for dessert. (Many of their dishes can also be made dairy free. But please note: on their menu they warn that their kitchen is not entirely gluten or dairy free, so be aware that there might be cross contamination.)

MeeT in Gastown, Vancouver, BC

This funky eatery has a menu that says that all of their menu items can be made gluten-free! Terrific! And, all of their menu items are also vegan, so this is a great spot if you have multiple food allergies or food preferences in your household. Lots of comfort food favourites like Mac and Cheeze (dairy-free cheese), butter chikkin (vegan ‘chicken’), and desserts like lemon tart or Cheezecake pots made with cashews. Delish!

Scandilicious Scandinavian Breakfasts & More

25 Victoria Drive, Vancouver — Ooh, here’s a treat – Scandilicious specializes in Scandinavian foods and breakfast, including gluten free waffles! Yesss! Lots of other specialty breakfasts with lots of bacon and eggs for good measure, and there is always a gluten free bread option. Oh hey, and did I mention they serve up GLUTEN FREE FILLED DONUTS? There, got that out of my system, but the envy running through me runs deep!

Well, Vancouver is always a delight – and even more so when it fills your belly with gluten free delights done right! (Is it just me, or did that sound like a gluten free poem?) This page will be updated as we discover more gluten free favourites in Vancouver, and as always – please post a comment telling us your fave!

Just a few of our online favourites to stock up your gluten free pantry. Click on any photo to go directly to the product page. And, thanks – our wee commission made is our coffee money. And coffee = energy to find more gluten free resources for us all!

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