Seattle's skyline to show where the gluten free restaurants in Seattle are.

Gluten Free Restaurants Seattle, GF Dishes!

Looking for gluten free restaurants in Seattle is the quest for gluten sufferers in the area. The city is known not only for its natural beauty but also for its tasty food. Yes an enjoyable day can be had in the “Emerald City”. However, is it possible for Celiacs or gluten intolerant people to fully enjoy all that Seattle has to offer? Indeed it is, because this city has gluten free restaurants that offer tasty dishes that can whet anybody’s palate. Here are a few of the city’s favorites below:

Gluten Free Restaurants Seattle

Flying Apron – With two locations at 3510 Fremont Ave North and 4709 California Ave South West, these bakeries/cafes offer both sweet and savory dishes. The cafes provide take out and delivery options. The food offered is 100% certified gluten free and plant based. Some of the homemade savory options offered are Soups, Salads, Lasagna, Pizza, Mac-n-chez, Tofu Scramble, and Amazing savory Pot Pie. The sweet options offered are Muffins, Pastries, Cookies, Cinnamon rolls, Donuts, Pies, and Cakes. The breads are baked fresh and is offered as Loaves, Baguettes and Rolls.

Capitol Cider – Located on 818 E Pike Street, this tavern and restaurant provides a 100% gluten free and nut free kitchen. The restaurant also has vegetarian, vegan, egg free and dairy free options on their menu. You can eat in, take out or have food delivered to you. Some of the items on their menu are NY Strip Steak Frites, Fish and Chips, Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Chiaquiles. They also have a dessert menu with items such as Lemon Cheesecake, Warm Chocolate Brownie, and Butter Milk Cinnamon Rolls.

Nuflours Bakery – Located on 518 15th Ave East, this bakery/cafe offers pick up and delivery. It is a certified 100% gluten free and peanut free and rice free bakery with many options that are also soy free, dairy free, egg free, and paleo. On their menu they have a variety of Breakfast Quiches. Quiches are available whole or by the slice and come in Bacon Potato, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Mushroom Gouda. There is also a variety of Soups offered with Bakery Made Toast.


Gluten free restaurants are thriving in Seattle! This trend will only grow as Celiacs and those with a gluten allergy put their money towards excellent gluten free dining and takeout. This is music to our ears. So go out and enjoy a day in the city or pick up or have your favorite dish delivered. And take comfort in the fact that you do not have to worry if it is gluten free or not. All of the restaurants we featured were 100% gluten free! That’s what I call gluten freedom. Enjoy and stay safe my friend!