Gluten Free Restaurants Ottawa – Dining in Canada’s Capital City

“Do you have any gluten free options?” Ah, the dreaded question that Celiac and gluten intolerant people have to ask every time they go out to eat. It makes for some awkward moments. As a result, many find going out for dinner too stressful. However, today more and more gluten free restaurants are popping up. No longer will there be evenings ruined by awkward questions and moments of silence! Yes, we can enjoy a night out on the town too!

Ottawa is a gorgeous city. From the beautiful buildings of Parliament Hill to the Rideau Canal to its many museums and galleries, Ottawa has something for everyone. Ottawa also has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from including gluten free restaurants. Finally, Celiac and gluten intolerant people have options in the nation’s capital. Lovely!

Gluten Free Restaurants in Ottawa

Olive & Chili – Located at 51 York St, this restaurant is 100% gluten free! It has a full menu of gluten free goodness. For example it has baked goods such as muffins, scones and pizza. Also, they have a large selection of delicious salads such as Tomato, Basil & Bocconcini Italian Salad. And entrees such as Italian Beef Lasagna.

Aroma Meze Tapas Restaurant – Located on 239 Nepean St., this cozy little Greek restaurant has an extensive list of gluten free items on its menu. You can enjoy tasty dishes such as Ratatouille, Ouzo Shrimp, Greek Poutine and Pulled Lamb Tacos.

Foolish Chicken – Located on 79 Holland Ave, this restaurant specializes in Chicken and Ribs dishes and you can have these gluten free. They also have other gluten free items on their menu such as Fresh Cut Fries, Walnut Spinach Salad and the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie.

Schar Gluten Free Honeygrams, 160g are gluten free graham crackers. This is a summertime staple, as these are the foundation of delicious s’mores. Gluten free smores, hooray! KIND Bars Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 12ct, Gluten Free, 40g These delicious bars are handy to keep stocked for a quick gluten free snack for yourself or for your kids. Keeping a bar like this stashed in your handbag means you’ll always have a safe snack when the munchies hit.


Ottawa has an increasing number of restaurants which are gluten free or have gluten free options. This is great news for Celiacs and gluten intolerant people who now can truly enjoy all the delicious eats Ottawa has to offer. Eat well my friends!

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