Gluten Free Restaurants Montreal – Good eats in Quebec’s Largest City!

Once upon a time gluten free restaurants were a figment of your imagination. If you were Celiac or gluten intolerant, going out to a restaurant was a nightmare! What would you eat? A salad? Some vegetables? Maybe some ice cream if you were lucky? Those were dark days! Today, not only do many restaurants have gluten free menus or options, but there are also more restaurants that are fully gluten free. Finally, eating gluten free can still mean a wonderful night out.

Gluten Free Restaurants

What’s not to like about Montreal? It is historic, charming and vibrant! Also, it is world renowned for its tasty food and this reputation keeps growing. For the gluten intolerant and Celiac sufferers, this means there are plenty of tasty options. Let’s look at a few:

Arepera – Located on 73 Rue Prince Arthur Est, this Venezuelan restaurant is 100% gluten free. They are known for their hand made Arepas which are made with 100% corn – so it is a type of gluten free bread. They serve these with chicken, beef, pork and fish. Also, there are vegetarian and vegan options. If you want a tasty treat, this is the place to go!

Kleine Shoppe – Located on 3027 Notre Dame St. W, this quaint cafe is fully gluten free and as stated on their website, “offers a smorgasbord of gluten free eats and treats!” This is true as it offers dishes such as Beef Pate, Sweet Potato Toast, Bahn Mi Tacos, and F’homard.

Le Kitchen – Located on 1806 William St, this restaurant’s food is mostly vegan, gluten free and naturally sweetened. Some of the mouth watering dishes are Chia Bowl with fruit, nuts and seeds, Veggie Pate, Eggless Salad and Bol Bliss which is a sweet potato and black been patty with guacmole and a side green salad and lemon garlic dressing.

As you can see, Montreal is quickly becoming a powerhouse when it comes to gluten free restaurants and dining options. For Celiacs and gluten intolerant, this means that they can they can have a night out on the town without fear. What a relief! Bon appetit mes amis!

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