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Gluten Free Restaurants Toronto – Eating out for Celiacs in Ontario

Finding GF eateries in Toronto

Hello, all! Welcome to today’s hunt for delicious gluten free eats – this time we’re hunting for GF restaurants in the Toronto (GTA) Area of Ontario, Canada. With so many delicious cultural foods to choose from in Canada’s largest city, we are sure to find some delights! From casual dining and snacks, to fine dining – we’ll cover it all. Watch this space for an ever growing collection of dining choices.

Gluten Free Restaurants Toronto

Almond Butterfly Gluten Free Bakeshop is a bakery we also featured over on our Toronto Gluten Free Bakeries page. Why this double exposure? Well, Almond Butterfly is also an incredible place to dine in! It is 100% gluten free – meaning that there is nothing on their menu that you as a celiac (or one with a gluten allergy or intolerance) CANNOT eat!!

Almond Butterfly has all day breakfast sandwiches – you choose the toppings you like, and they prepare it all on their scrumptious homemade gluten free bagels. Add a freshly squeezed juice on the side OR how about a protein-packed smoothie? All gluten free, and all bursting with nutrition. Ideal for: A healthy breakfast or lunch, to stay or on the go!

The Bean Sprout (218 Connie Crescent Unit 5a, Vaughan, ON) is a neighborhood Chinese food restaurant. The Bean Sprout has a gluten-free menu, gluten free frozen food options to take with you and prepare at home, AND…a gluten free Chinese buffet!! The second weekend of every month is when they have their glorious GF buffet – how incredible! (Please note that this is not an entirely gluten free restaurant, but their gluten free options are vast.) Apparently, the owner’s son has a wide range of food allergies, which is why she has created a Chinese food menu that takes that into account. Hooray for knowledgeable owners! Take some of the frozen gluten free Chinese food home and munch on it later. Ideal for: Those Chinese food cravings, without the worry!

Pizzeria Libretto offers up stunningly good gluten free pizzas! Yessss! The pizzeria, located at 545 King Street W, has a dedicated gluten free pizza oven. This means you can chow down on a gorgeous slice of handcrafted pizza without any worries about cross contamination! And the reviews say that it’s the best GF pizza around. Definitely worth a special trip to have an awesome pizza meal. Ideal for: Insanely good gluten free pizza!! Three cheers!

Bangkok Garden is a more upscale choice, this time delving into the beautiful realm of Thai cuisine. They use separate woks to create gluten free dishes – so be sure to let them know of your celiac status, or gluten allergy when you’re ordering. They provide a gluten free menu with tempting options like: satay chicken with a peanut sauce and cucumber salad; glass noodle salad packed with veggies and topped with chili sauce, lemon juice and coriander; toasted cashew chicken; and Ginger Duck. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting ridiculously hungry right about now?


This is just the beginning of our Toronto Gluten free restaurant guide. As we find or learn of more tempting choices, we’ll add them. Hope these dining choices make it a lot less stress and a lot more fun when you have a special night eating out in TO!

Before you go…Have you tried much gluten free cooking at home? A really well-written GF cookbook can be a great inspiration. If you’re a tried and true gluten free cook, the How Can It Be Gluten Free? (by America’s Test Kitchen) cookbook is a revelation! Or, if you’re new to gluten free cooking and feel completely overwhelmed, the Gluten Free Cookbook for Families is a great place to start. Just good, healthy and gluten free meals to feed your family – without taking too much time. Happy cooking!