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Gluten Free Restaurants in Rome – Cucina Raffinata!

Are there gluten free restaurants in Rome? At one time I would have answered no! The last time my wife and I were in Rome, we could not find a gluten free restaurant. It was a little bit disheartening but we made the best of it and enjoyed all that Rome had to offer. Yes, Rome is a beautiful city with history everywhere you turn! We loved it despite the lack of gluten free alternatives.

However, since then times have changed and Rome now has a lot of gluten free restaurants and others with gluten free options. This is great as now everyone can truly experience Rome to the full. Yes for gluten intolerant people and Celiacs, Rome becomes a must see location! Here are a few of the city’s best gluten free restaurants.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Rome

Crispi 19 – Located on Via Francesco Cripi 19 in Rome, this restaurant is located between The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. The restaurant is gluten free and is aiming to be known as the best fish restaurant in the center of Rome. It has a 7 course big tasting fish menu. They also prepare fresh pasta daily such as Fettuccine and Scialatielli, Ravioli, Tortellini, and Agrolotti stuffed with bread or cheese. Also, there are a variety of breads and cakes. Finally, their dessert menu offers delights such as Hot Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Risotteria Melotti Roma – Located on Via della Vetrina 12a/b in Rome, this restaurant i s 100% gluten free. It’s cuisine is risotti and rice based. There is a large selection of Risottos such as Smoked Rissoto with Purple Cabbage. Appetizers like Rice Arancini served with Sauce. Finally there are rice base desserts such as Tiramisu made with Rice Plum Cake. The restaurant also has dairy free and lactose free options for some of their desserts.

Vogilia di Pizza – Located on Via del Giubbonari, 33 in Rome, this restaurant specializes in making fancy gluten free pizzas such as the Daisy, Naples, and Capricciosa. There is also a large selection of lactose free pizzas and there are some vegetarian pizzas. Finally, the restaurant has a fresh selection of gluten free desserts and even has gluten free beer.


Gluten free restaurants are thriving in the eternal city! No longer will gluten intolerant have to worry because there are now options. And the options keep growing. So plan you vacation; plan you romantic dinner or plan you day trip. Have no fear because gluten restaurants in Rome are now here!

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