Berlin's tv tower to highlight gluten free restaurants in Berlin

Gluten free Restaurants in Berlin, Glutenfrei!

Gluten free restaurants in Berlin, is it really so? At first thought you might think this is not possible as the city has a thriving food culture of rich, tasty and hearty dishes. However, there are more and more gluten free restaurants popping up. For gluten intolerant people, this is an opportunity to enjoy all that Berlin has to offer! Here is a few of Berlin’s best.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Berlin

Brotquelle – Berlin – Located at Gartnerstrabe 2, 10245 Berlin, this is an organic gluten free bakery. It has a variety of breads and sourdough buns, cakes and pies, and biscuits. The bakery also has seasonal pastries such s buckwheat bread, pumpkin seed rolls and apple crumble cake. There are also savory options such as vegan quiche and onion cake. Finally, there are also sugar free options.

Simply Keto – Low Carb & Gluten Free – Located at Invalidenstrabe 154, 10115 Berlin, this cafe is 100% gluten free, sugar free, grain free, and soy free. It also strives to have as few carbohydrates as possible in their dishes. Some of the items you can have are Keto bread roll, mushroom risotto, salami sandwich and beef goulash. They also have a variety of pizzas which have an almond flour, egg, olive oil and cream cheese crust. Finally, there are desserts such as Keto porridge and cake.

Cafe Tante Nanni – Located at Sprengelstrabe 40, 13353 Berlin, all the dishes at this restaurant are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. Some of the items on its menu are Ayurvedic porridge, fluffy burger roll, and paleo pancake with cinnamon. The restaurant has a nice selection of coffee, lattes, teas and soft drinks.


Gluten free restaurants in Berlin are thriving. This is good news for all who are gluten sensitive and celiac because now there are options. Yes, everyone can go out enjoy the culinary delights of this great city. So plan a night out at the opera or plan a day at Museum Island knowing that when you get hungry you will have options. And that’s a beautiful thing. Gut essen!

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