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Gluten Free Restaurants Chicago – Eating in the Windy City

Gluten free restaurants in Chicago? Once upon a time it was a fairy tale. Imagination the sadness for gluten free people who live in one of America’s best food cities and not be able to enjoy it. It would be heart breaking, frustrating and sad. Why does my special night out hinge on if there are gluten free options or not? Why can I just go out on the town and not have to worry about it? It’s not fair.

However, there are more and more gluten free restaurants in Chicago popping up everywhere. Yes, there are now finally options! A night out in the Windy City doesn’t have to overshadowed by the dread of not having any gluten free options. Now there are gluten free restaurants we can now go to! Here are a few below.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Chicago

Flip Crepes – Located on 131 N Clinton St., this restaurants specializes in making gluten free crepes. The crepes are made with the restaurants own gluten free formula. Everything on the menu is gluten free. Most ingredients are made in house and they select ingredients with no additives and preservatives. Their menu has breakfast crepes such as Ham Egg Chedder, and Brisket Mexicali. They also have all day crepes such as Baja Chicken and Spicy Italian. Finally they have a menu of sweet crepes such as Strawberry Dream and Peanut Monster. Yummy!

Brightwok Kitchen – With two locations on 21 E Adams Street and 631 N State Street, this restaurant specializes in Asia inspired food. Their menu is gluten free, dairy free and peanut free. All of their homemade sauces are vegan. They have an eclectic menu with dishes such as Earth, Curry and Fire, The Crunchy Crave, Kick’n Panang, and The BWK Chop salad. Delicious!

Wheat’s End Cafe – Located on 2873 N Broadway, this restaurant is 100% gluten free and dairy free. It also has vegan options. The restaurant has both a weekday menu and a weekend brunch menu. Some of the entries you can have are Three Egg Omelette, Wheat’s End Pancakes, Chicken Gyro, and Old World Panini. Great!

Gluten sufferers in Chicago, suffer no more! Instead, rejoice because you have options! Not only does Chicago have a growing number of fully gluten free restaurants. It also has many restaurants that have gluten free options and menus. So go to a ball game! Go to Navy Pier! Go to the Magnificent Mile or where ever you want in Chicago knowing that a tasty gluten free meal awaits you. Eat well my friends!