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Gluten Free Restaurants Boston Massachusetts!

Updated October 26, 2023

Gluten free restaurants in Boston, is it possible? An interesting question for sure! Boston is a beautiful city known for its history, charm, and beauty. It is a city many want to visit and enjoy. And Boston also has many restaurants and great eateries. There is something for everyone in this town! However, what about gluten sufferers and Celiacs, can they enjoy the culinary delights too? Yes, they can as there dedicated gluten free restaurants in Boston and others with gluten free menus and options. Here are a few of the city’s best below:

Gluten Free Restaurants Boston

Grainmaker – It has two locations in the Boston area. The first one is on 91 Summer Street in Boston and the other is on 248 Elm Street in Somerville. The restaurant specializes in Southeast Asian street cuisine. It is a 100% gluten free and a 100% Dairy free restaurant. Some of the dishes you can order off their menu are Ahi Tuna Poke, The OG, Chef Curry, The Hipster, Market Noodles, 7-Spiced Chicken Taco, and Lemongrass Steak Taco.

The Elephant Walk South End – Located on 1415 Washington Street in Boston, this restaurant specializes in Cambodian and French cuisine. The restaurant is not fully gluten-free but does have extensive selection of gluten free dishes. Some of the gluten free dishes you can order are Somlah Machou, Poulet À La Citronnelle, Truite Grillée, Marinade De Jalapeno Au Citron, Pavé De Saumon Au Succotash De Maïs, and Boeuf Bourguignon.

Benevento’s – Located on 111 Salem Street in Boston, this restaurant is known for it’s pizza and other Italian dishes. It has just recently opened for indoor and outdoor dining but you’ll have to make a reservation beforehand. The restaurant is not entirely gluten free and it does not offer a specialized gluten free environment. But it does have gluten free options for their entrees. It also has gluten free bread sticks and gluten free pizza dough to have gluten free options for their pizzas.


Gluten free dining is alive and well in Boston! More and more restaurants are becoming fully gluten free or are offering gluten free options. This trend will definitely continue. This is excellent news for gluten intolerant people and Celiacs as now they can enjoy all that Boston has to offer – including some insanely good food. So start planning your next outing, or plan your next tasty meal. And have no fear or worry about gluten because gluten free restaurants in Boston are here to stay!

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