Gluten Free Oreos – Are Oreo Cookies gluten free?

First, let’s answer that all-important question: Are Oreos gluten free? No, sadly they’re not. Oreo cookies are a traditional chocolate sandwich cookie, with that lovely vanilla filling. But, being a traditionally baked cookie, that means they’re made with wheat flour. And as you know, WHEAT is an enemy of Celiacs and those with a gluten allergy or intolerance.

Now that that sad news is out of the way, I have much better news in store for you…

Oreo DOES now have a gluten free variety!

Since this article was first written, Oreo thankfully came out with some absolutely incredible Gluten Free Oreo cookies! Let’s all cheer together – I can practically hear you from here. I have given them a try, you know, purely for scientific research purposes. My rating on new gluten free Oreo cookies? A resounding 9.5/10. They taste so much like the original, that I’m sure you could trick even gluten eaters into thinking these were regular Oreos.

Check them out on or on if you’re visiting from Canada, in which case: “Hi neighbour!” And…

There are Oreo Copycats that ARE gluten free!

Hooray! If you can’t get your hands onto a pack of the new GF Oreos, but you’re craving that lovely dark chocolate crunchy biscuit, with that gorgeous vanilla frosting inside – maybe to dunk in a cup of coffee or a glass of milk…Well, we have good news! There are some incredible Oreo-like cookies that ARE gluten free. And we’re about to share our two faves with you right now.

(And is it just me, or are you all totally craving cookies right now?! Oh good, I’m not alone!) I have tried both of these types of gluten free cookies, and can recommend them with two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Besides snacking on them, an excellent treat made with these cookies is a Cookie Crumble Sundae:

Simply start with a scoop or two of good vanilla ice cream (gluten free, of course), then add a couple of crumbled gluten free Oreo-type cookies. Drizzle with a bit of homemade or store bought hot fudge sauce (again, check that it’s gluten free) and then top with whipped cream. You’ll have an incredible, gluten free dessert that everyone will love!

Kinnickinnick K-Toos Cookies

Kinnikinnick Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookie, 220 Gram
$6.06 a box
  • Tastes the closest to a real Oreo cookie!
  • Also free of other allergens besides gluten: no peanuts (or any kind of nuts for that matter), no dairy. Also no soy.
  • One customer says they’re vegan, but since the package says it may contain eggs, I don’t think they can label it as such.

MI-DEL Chocolate Sandwich Cookies – gluten free

MI-DEL Chocolate Sandwich Gluten Free Cookie 227g
$5.57 each with a minimum order of 2 packages
  • Here’s our other choice for an Oreo clone cookie! This package is slightly larger than the first – 227 grams versus 220. But the price is also lower, so this one wins out just slightly as being a better value.
  • Most people won’t even be able to tell they’re gluten free!
  • 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

Ahhh…cookies! Sometimes, you just need to enhance your day with a cookie snack. Or, if you or someone in your family is Celiac, it’s nice to know you can keep a package of gluten free cookies in the pantry to slip a treat into their lunchbox. Whatever the reason: rejoice that you can enjoy cookies that taste a LOT like Oreos! But, with none of the gluten.

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