Gluten free ice cream cones – Do they exist? And are they any good?

Hello everyone, and welcome to a very important topic around here, particularly in summertime. Ice cream cones! And of course, we are figuring out what type of gluten free cones are available AND which ones are tasty. It’s all a vehicle for the luscious ice cream, of course, but we still want the cones to taste good, too.

Where to buy gluten free ice cream cones

Around here, I’ve found that to buy gluten free ice cream cones locally can be a bit of a challenge. You’ll likely need to find a specialty store of some type – either a health food store/natural food store. Where I managed to find the cones locally was actually at an Italian supermarket! Surprising, right? So, sometimes you really just need to keep your eyes open. And when I found those glorious cones, I bought six boxes. Hahaha The type I bought was from PaneRiso (if you’re visiting from Canada you can buy them on we originally bought the ice cream cups, but then our friends B&K found the sugar cone types available locally at Safeway. I honestly thought both were incredibly good! You could totally just serve them to anyone – even those people who can eat gluten. Everyone will enjoy them.

Gluten free ice cream cones online

The Internet opens us up to a whole new world of gluten free food options, if you ask me. is always an awesome place to look for unusual, or difficult-to-find gluten free foods. I don’t know about you, but it always gives me a bit of a thrill to look through that site, knowing that I can eat everything there, instead of carefully picking and choosing. They had many varieties of ice cream cones to choose from, and uh, did I mention they have gluten free ice cream cake, too? Oh my…

Or, if you prefer shopping on Amazon, there are still some of these gluten free cones by Let’s Do Gluten Free available. Are they super cheap? No, sorry they truly are not. But, as a treat this summer, I think it’s totally worth it to splurge and enjoy some ice cream cones like everyone else can.

Gluten free cones – Conclusion

There ARE commercially made, certified gluten free ice cream cones available for purchase. You might be able to find some locally like I did, OR you can check out the online options we mentioned. Either way, here’s hoping that you have a few glorious ice cream treats this summer…and beyond! (Who says you can’t eat ice cream in winter? Not me, that’s for sure.)

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