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Gluten Free Greco Pizza Review- Delicious!

I love Greco pizza! I always have enjoyed it since I was young. I remember going with my friends to Greco pizza and ordering the large square pizza wit pepperoni, ground beef and some veg. It was so good! The cheese was gooey. The crust had enough crunch but was chewing and melted in your mouth. It was so good. Those were good child hood memories.

Recently, I went back home to visit family and we were wondering what to have and Greco pizza came up. (Please note: this original post was from 2019, when we could easily travel to visit family.) However, my wife is gluten intolerant and I try to eat less gluten as it seems to harder on my system. So we looked at their menu and we were pleasantly surprised to see that Greco had a gluten free pizza! They trade mark it as their GlutenGone pizza which uses cauliflower for their crust. Interesting! So we thought we would give it a try. This is my review of it below.

Greco Pizza Gluten Free Review

The Greco GlutenGone pizza comes only in a 12 inch pizza which is great as it is big enough to have a couple people eat. It is a thin crust pizza that is very light in color which make sense as cauliflower is the main ingredient. The bottom of the pizza is slightly crispy but not too much. However, the real jewel in the crust is that it is soft enough to cut easily and it is easy to chew. Yes, when you chew it, it is not dry or chalky. Instead it literally melts in your mouth and it feels almost creamy.

I wanted to inhale the whole pizza but had to force myself to slow down and savor every bite. The beautiful thing about it is that I completely forgot I was eating a gluten free pizza but instead it was memory lane for me of the Greco pizza of old. What an awesome experience!

Verdict and Conclusion

Greco’s gluten free pizza is the best I have tasted to date. You quickly forget that you are eating a gluten free pizza which is amazing. The crust has a nice chew, there is no weird taste and it is moist. One caution for Celiacs though, their website says they cannot guarantee cross contamination so you will have to use your discretion. In conclusion, if you are fortunate enough to have Greco pizza in your town and you are gluten intolerant, this is the pizza for you. Eat and enjoy!

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