Gluten Free Brownie Mixes – 3 Best ones to try (One is honey sweetened and one is dairy free too!)

Oh yeah, we are definitely talking about the ooiest, gooiest chocolate treat around – brownies! But of course, we need to talk about gluten free brownies. So, if you want to whip up a batch of decadent brownies FAST, which mixes are the best ones? Let’s break it down for you in this most delicious and chocolatey list.

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1. King Arthur Gluten Free Brownie Mix – 4.7/5

The King Arthur mix is very highly rated, and also happens to be non-GMO. Has that classic crackly layer on top of the brownies – just what we brownie afficionados are craving!! Fudgy and yummy. (Want only a single serving? I am very happy to announce that the geniuses at King Arthur’s have created a SINGLE SERVING BROWNIE CUP that you make in the microwave! Add a topping of vanilla ice cream on top, and you have chocolate bliss in only minutes, man.) Having these available within only a few minutes of the craving striking may actually be a dangerous thing. hahaha

Pamela’s Gluten Free Brownies (Sweetened with Honey) 4.7/5 rating

I usually create all of our homemade gluten free goodies with honey, so I was pretty impressed to find this mix entirely sweetened with honey rather than white sugar. Also completely dairy free – I think because of these reasons this would be my first choice for a brownie mix in our household. Oh and also because of its delicious fudgy taste, of course.

3. Betty Crocker Gluten free brownies (WITH dark chocolate chunks) – 4.7/5

These are ridiculously good. On they are rated a 4.6, but over on they’re rated 4.7 like the other mixes already reviewed. I would give them a solid 5/5. I love that they have luscious big chocolate chunks added into the mix. They are perfect exactly as they are, and would fool any brownie lovers into thinking they were the ‘real’ (gluten-filled) thing. Amazing!!!! And now I’m craving one this very moment.

Bonus points for the pricing: on the Canadian site these are currently only $6.27. Which, for a box of gluten free brownie mix is very, very reasonable. (Prices change all the time, of course, but that price is current as of writing this article.)

Gluten Free Brownie mix – Summary

Any one of these mixes will totally satisfy that specific craving for a luscious, fudgy brownie. You can get really creative with these by adding nuts, extra types of chocolate chips or chunks. Or, just chop up your favorite chocolate bar (make sure it’s gluten free!) and add that into the mix. The result: A really delicious treat, or a pan of loveliness to share with family, friends or neighbors. Enjoy the chocolate love, friends!