Gluten Free Breakfasts – 8 Delicious & Easy Ideas (GF Breakfast Ideas)

We all know the saying: ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!’ And it undoubtedly is true, since a good breakfast sets us up with energy to face the entire day ahead of us. But, when we’re Celiac or have a gluten allergy we may wonder: ‘What can I have for breakfast?’ No worries, friends! We have 10 ideas to inspire you to eat well first thing in the morning – or, you know, whenever you happen to want to eat breakfast.

1. Yogurt and gluten free granola

An easy and ever popular breakfast choice is a yummy parfait of yogurt and gluten free granola. Adding in some berries or chopped up fruit makes it even more delicious. Just remember that not all types of granola are gluten free – you’ll need to specifically find a gluten free granola. It’s not hard to do, but it’s important to note so that you don’t eat gluten by mistake. We like this gluten free granola, or this type that is a grain free AND gluten free variety.

2. Eggs

Whether you like your eggs with bacon on the side, or hardboiled, you can rest assured knowing that eggs are gloriously gluten free! Other eggy ideas are: Fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, etc. These are all gluten free as long as you don’t add gluten-containing ingredients. Yum! Like toast along with your eggs? Of course you do! We wrote extensively about one of our favorite gluten free breads here.

3. Pancakes

You might be thinking: “What? Pancakes are so NOT gluten free!” Well, that’s true if you use a regular all-purpose flour to make them. But, just use your Mom’s best pancake recipe and insert a 1-to-1 gluten free flour alternative in the recipe. These gluten free flour mixes make it very easy to create all your old favorites in a gluten free form. Top with maple syrup (gluten free!) or berries and softly whipped cream. It’ll make for a delicious and special breakfast treat. (Or, to make it even easier just use a gluten free pancake mix.)

4. Fruit

Yes, all types of fruit are absolutely 100% gluten free. You can make a wonderful fruit salad to have on the side of your breakfast, or grab a piece of fruit. It’s delicious anytime, but especially at breakfast.

5. Smoothies

Almost all smoothies are gluten free! Yes! The only time you have to be aware of possible gluten is when protein powder is used. Ensure that the protein powder is gluten free, and then add plenty of berries, other fruit (such as banana), yogurt, or dairy free milk or juice. Blend it up, and you have a portable and yummy breakfast you can take on the go. (This is the one we use at home all the time! It has a nice, light vanilla taste that is delicious with fruit. Plus, it has no added sugars and is vegan to boot. Should please everyone in your house, as it does in ours.)

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a whole food that is a nutritious choice for breakfast, or an anytime healthy snack. Make sure that you choose verified gluten free oats, though, as oatmeal can sometimes be cross contaminated with wheat or barley. Gluten free oats are tested to be free of gluten and safe for Celiacs to eat. (Some Celiacs, however, are also sensitive to even gluten free oats. If you find that you are, you’ll need to stay away from oats altogether.)

7. Gluten free cereal

There are tons of gluten free cereals you can choose from! Cereal makes a super simple and tasty breakfast. We’ve written about gluten free cereal – from Cheerios to Chex. Any gluten free cereal will be clearly labelled as such, making it an easy option for a safe breakfast.

8. Gluten free bars

I simply love grabbing a gluten free snack bar for breakfast. Especially when I want to get up early and get writing, I like to grab a bar filled with nutrients and just get started. There are – thankfully! – loads of different types of gluten free bars to choose from. I particularly love gluten free protein bars to choose from, that provide great taste with nutrients and protein to keep you energized until lunch. (These also make a great afternoon snack when you hit that slump in the afternoon.)

Gluten free breakfast – Conclusion

See? You don’t have to stress about having awesome breakfasts while eating gluten free! And if you want to eat out for breakfast, we also have you covered. We researched and wrote about gluten free options at both Denny’s and IHOP. (Oh man – is anyone else craving pancakes right about now?)

So, eat well, and eat safe. Thanks as always for visiting. And who’s on coffee duty today? My cup definitely needs a refill. 😉

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