a picture of a chocolate cupcake to denote what you could get at a gluten free bakery in victoria BC

Gluten Free Bakery Victoria BC, GF Sweets!

A gluten free bakery in Victoria would be a perfect addition to an incredible city. And what’s not to like? From the quaintness of the inner harbour, to the beauty of Butchart Gardens and the historical buildings throughout, Victoria has it all. Victoria also has many great restaurants with all sorts of flavours from around the world. However, if you are a gluten sufferer or Celiac, what would top it off is for to be a gluten free bakery in this city. Fortunately, there is! Here are a few gluten free bakeries:

Gluten Free Bakeries Victoria, BC

Origin Gluten-Free Bakery – Located on 1525 Pandora Avenue, this bakery is completely and 100% gluten free. So all of those with Celiac disease or gluten allergies can eat here without any worries. There is also another location in Westshore. This bakery received an award for Top Bakery in Victoria in 2018 and 2019. Both locations are open but are working at reduced hours due to Covid-19. The Victoria location is currently take out only. The Westshore cafe location has limited seating inside and outside on the patio. Both locations have social distancing safety measures in place. Some of the items from their menu are Lemon lavender tart, Carrot Cupcakes, Rhubarb Galette, Florentine bar, and Cheeseburger Pie. For current information on their COVID-19 safety measures, please view that page on their website.

Origin Bakery DELIVERS! Delivery options available throughout all of Vancouver Island, so Island Celiacs – rejoice!

Origin Bakery menu items that especially caught our eye:

  • Cutout cookies – these are so exquisitely decorated. No one would ever guess they were gluten free. Would make beautiful gifts.
  • Gluten Free breads – The gluten free bread they’ve created here is astonishing. Usually, gluten free breads look a little sad compared to their gluten-filled counterparts. Not these breads! The sheer height and volume of these breads is downright impressive, particularly their Oat Bread loaves.
  • Gluten free pastries – Their gluten free pumpkin pie and tarts look mouth watering! You can also purchase pre-made gourmet gluten free pastry to use at home, which is very handy indeed.

Crust Bakery – Located on 730 Fort Street, this bakery has instituted social distancing and safety measures at their bakery due to Covid-19. They have also set up an online ordering system and have a delivery truck for orders. Even though this bakery is not a 100% gluten free bakery it has some gluten free items. Some items are Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie, Gluten free Carrot Mini Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip nut Loaf, and Banana Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cake.

More current info on their safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on their website here.

Bubby Rose’s Bakery & Café – Located on 1022 Cook St, this is not a 100% gluten free bakery and cafe. However, their website states that they will do their best to avoid contamination through the order in which they produce products and cleaning procedures. They have a detailed gluten free menu. Some items on it are Chocolate Shilling, Cornmeal Muffins, Date Square, Flourless Dark Chocolate Torte, Frittata, Chocolate Quinoa Cupcake and Gluten-free Pizza Dough.


There are options for gluten sufferers and Celiacs in Victoria! This is great because now everyone can enjoy all the tasty food that this city has to offer. So plan your next outing knowing that there are no impediments to your enjoying it to the full. So have fun, eat well and stay safe!