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Gluten Free Bakery Thunder Bay – Treats for Gluten sufferers!

Is there a gluten free bakery in Thunder Bay Ontario? For everyone who is Celiac or gluten intolerant it is hugely important to know, because we all love treats and snacks. Unfortunately, most traditional treats, sweets and desserts are made with gluten and as a result there are limited options for gluten sufferers (unless you consider rice cakes a true dessert, blah!). Is there any hope? Indeed there is as there are gluten free options in Thunder Bay. Here is what we discovered below:

Gluten Free Bakery Thunder Bay

A Gluten Free Harvest – Located on 212 Emerald Drive, this is a home based gluten free bakery. Due to covid-19 they have implemented a few procedures such as:

1. Pickup times are assigned on an individual basis to limit the number of people on the premises to maintain social distancing.
2. Gluten Free Harvest no longer accept cash payments. Only e-transfer payments accepted. (At the time of writing. To see if that policy has changed, you can always contact the bakery directly.)
3. Gluten Free Harvest continues to vigorously clean and sanitize their home-based bakery, including exterior hand rails and door knobs.
4. Increased handwashing sanitization for all workers.

Everything they make is wheat free and gluten free. Some of the gluten free items on their menu are apple pie, bagels, blueberry muffins, cherry cheesecake and chocolate mocha cake. Some traditional delights that sound so good!

Both Hands Wood РFired Pizzeria & Bakery РLocated on 297 Park Avenue in Thunder Bay, this pizzeria and bakery offers dine in, curbside pick up and delivery. Their menu offers some gluten free options. For instance they offer Gluten Free Pizza made with organic buckwheat flour, organic corn flour , organic brown rice flour, guar gum and yeast. They also offer a Spelt and Flax bread made with  organic spelt flour from a farm in Brandon, MB, water, organic brown flax seed, unrefined sea salt. One note, their website indicates that gluten free items are made in the same kitchen as gluten items so their could be a risk of cross contamination.


There is hope for gluten sufferers in Thunder Bay! Yes there are tasty gluten free snacks and delicious desserts to whet your palate. So go out and have that cheesecake or have that apple pie or have that chocolate mocha cake. You might even want to go all out and have a gluten free pizza! Have whatever dessert you want and know that gluten intolerant doesn’t mean you still can’t have an awesome treat. Eat and be well!

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