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Gluten Free Bakery Kitchener-Waterloo, GF Pastries!

Looking for a gluten free bakery in Kitchener-Waterloo? You might be thinking it might be difficult to find. And if you found one, the baked goods might be disappointing as many gluten free baked goods can be a bit bland and cardboard like. However, you won’t find that here as the gluten free bakeries here are great! Here are a couple of the area’s best!

Gluten Free Bakery Kitchener-Waterloo

Gluten Free By Suzie – As of June 6th the bakery is back at the St Jacobs Farmers Market in Waterloo. The bakery is completely gluten free with all of there products freshly baked in a gluten free dedicated facility. It also offers delivery within Waterloo region and pick up.  There is also shipping outside of Waterloo area. Some of the items available on its menu are a variety of breads, bagels, buns, scones, pies, cookies and muffins, tarts and squares to name a few.

Winnie’s Gluten Free – Located at 718 Belmont Ave West in Kitchener this is a dedicated gluten free bakery. All of it’s items are made in a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility. There are some items that are dairy free on the menu. The bakery is open is with social distancing measures in place, and also takes online and phone orders. Some of the items you can buy off their menu are baquettes, banana bread, brownies, butter tarts, and date squares.  Also there are savoury items such as Jamaican Beef patty, coconut chicken curry foldovers and pizza pocket foldovers.


Imagine, you are getting a sweet craving and no longer have to worry if you can satisfy it because you are a gluten sufferer. Because in Kitchener-Waterloo, there are gluten free bakeries that can satiate your desires. That is amazing! So go to the bakery or make a call to them, and then enjoy your guilty pleasure! Now that sounds like a plan!

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