A picture to denote a gluten free cake that you could purchase at a gluten free bakery in kitchener-waterloo

Gluten Free Bakery Kitchener-Waterloo, GF Pastries!

Looking for a gluten free bakery in Kitchener-Waterloo? You might be thinking it’ll be difficult to find a truly awesome bakery that is totally gluten free. Well, guess what? We have good news for you! We have found some amazing bakeries in Kitchener-Waterloo that make mouthwatering baked goods – all gluten free! Celiacs delight in these treats. Eating gluten free should NOT mean eating tasteless food. So, on to the awesome bakeries we discovered…

Gluten Free Bakery Kitchener: Gluten Free by Suzie

Gluten Free By Suzie – Located at 235-5 the Boardwalk, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The bakery is completely gluten free with all of there products freshly baked in a gluten free dedicated facility. It also offers delivery within Waterloo region and pick up. (The website tells us that there are also options for delivery/shipping outside of that area. Please check the website for updated info.) Some of the items available on its menu are a variety of breads, bagels, buns, scones, pies, cookies and muffins, tarts and squares to name a few.

Standouts that caught our attention: The buttertarts! (They can also be made dairy free.) We’re all about the butter tarts around here. 🙂 Oh, and let’s just go ahead and say it: BAGELS!! A gluten free bakery making gluten free bagels just makes me happy. And grateful!

Gluten Free Bakery in Kitchener: Winnie’s Gluten Free

Winnie’s Gluten Free – Located at 718 Belmont Ave West in Kitchener this is a dedicated gluten free bakery. All of its items are made in a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility. There are some items that are dairy free on the menu. Some of the items you can buy off their menu are baquettes, banana bread, brownies, butter tarts, and date squares.  Also there are savoury items such as Jamaican Beef patty, coconut chicken curry foldovers and pizza pocket foldovers.

Standouts that caught our attention: Pizza pockets that are gluten free! Remember Pizza Pops? Or is that just us? These are reminiscent of those, but entirely safe for Celiacs. And just about the ultimate comfort food, if you ask me.


Imagine, you are getting a sweet craving and no longer have to worry if you can satisfy it because you are a gluten sufferer. Because in Kitchener-Waterloo, there are gluten free bakeries that can satiate your desires. That is amazing! Kitchener-Waterloo looks well supplied with incredible gluten free bakeries that provide both sweet and savoury treats.

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