Delicious cake and syrup to highlight gluten free bakeries in Paris

Gluten Free Bakery in Paris – Ooh, La, La!

Is there a gluten free bakery in Paris? Once upon a time, the answer would have been a resounding no! For gluten intolerant people and Celiacs this was tragic. Imagine being in one of the greatest cities of the world and enjoying everything it has to offer…but not being able to sample all of its culinary delights because of being Celiac or having a gluten allergy. You can smell the delicious food and pastries but cannot taste them. This sounds like torture! (And all too many Celiacs have experienced this exact thing in the past.)

However, times have changed! Thankfully, Paris now has gluten free bakeries and the sweets and pastries produced are of high quality. Yes, now gluten intolerant people can enjoy the city of lights and have a sweet French treat at the same time. Here are some of Paris’ best gluten frees bakeries.

Gluten Free Bakeries in Paris

Chambelland – Located on 14 rue Ternaux, this bakery uses naturally gluten free grains. All of the breads produced are certified organic by Eco cert. All of their raw materials are either free of post harvest treatment or are grown organically. The bakery produces a wide range of breads such as pain du chocolat. There is also a nice selection of pastries such as lemon meringue tart, coffee eclair and chocolate moelleux. Dine-in, takeout and no-contact delivery all currently available. (Please check on the website before visiting as rules and restrictions can change frequently.)

Helmut NewcakeCLOSED – We kept this option up, because apparently there will be some online ordering options available in the future. Here’s hoping, because the food looked utterly delicious. 100% gluten free. There are also some dairy free options. The bakery has a good variety of breads such as premiers croissants and pains au chocolat. It also has a variety of pastries such as tarte citron meringuee, tarte noisette passion, eclairs and cheesecake.

Biosphere Cafe – Located on 47 Rue de Laborde, this bakery is certified 100% gluten free. There are also some lactose free, egg free and vegan options. The bakery has a nice list of gluten free pastries such as tarte au citron, eclair au chocolat, Tiramisu, cakes and crepes. It also has savory options such as pizza, quiches and baguettes.


Today it is possible to find a gluten free bakery in Paris. What a delight to everyone! So plan that romantic dinner; plan that special vacation. And do not worry about being shortchanged from experiencing Paris’ food delights because of gluten intolerance. Because Paris now has quality gluten free bakeries that will make your mouth water. So eat, drink and be merry; it’s the Parisian way! Bon Appetit!