Gluten Free Bakeries Toronto – Great Gluten Free Eats in TO

Hello, all you fellow gluten free eaters! Whether you have celiac disease, or a gluten allergy or intolerance – we are here to provide you with the best compilation of gluten free resources. Today’s search for gluten free eats is a particularly delicious one: GF bakeries in Canada’s largest city – Toronto, Ontario!

Gluten free bakeries help to provide us with some delicious daily necessities like really good grainy gluten free breads and rolls, and also some outrageously delicious treats like cakes, cupcakes, and even pastry and pie! If you’ve been feeling left out while your friends chow down on gluten-full treats, well – worry no more! We have you covered with delicious bakeries and bake shops in Toronto. And it’ll all be gluten free. Let’s get started on this gourmet adventure!

Almond Butterfly Gluten Free Cafe and Bake shop, Toronto, ON

Ahhh, we love a dedicated gluten free bakery! And Almond Butterfly Bakeshop is just such a beautiful creature – absolutely everything made on site is gluten free. So, we can eat with ease and not worry a bit as we chow down on their gourmet delights. But, they also have other dietary restrictions in mind – many of their products are also dairy free. And others are vegan! Hooray for all eaters! There are now two locations to serve you in the GTA: Almond Butterfly Dundas and Almond Butterfly Harbord Village.

Speaking of their products: their lusciously frosted cupcakes are a sweet tooth’s dream come true! And look at some of the flavours they’ve developed to tempt us: Lemon Vanilla, Strawberry Milkshake, and Carrot Bake. Good thing I don’t live near here – I’d be a constant customer.

Plus there are many other options beyond cupcakes: cinnamon buns that are gluten free AND dairy free (baked only on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), muffins, cookies, lava cakes (hello sweet chocolate lava!), bagels and pies.

COVID Precautions: Order online for contactless takeout; pre-order online for scheduled pickup or delivery OR visit in-store for takeout (cash payments not accepted currently.) You can also order delivery from this bakery via UberEats, DoorDash or Skip the Dishes.

Cock a Doodle Doo Gluten Free Bakeshop, Toronto, ON

Yes! Another dedicated gluten free bakery is at Please note that as of time of writing, this bakery is temporarily closed on Mondays and is always closed Sundays. (Just to plan your treat-filled journey and not feel disappointed when you arrive and they aren’t open!) ALL of their products are gluten, dairy, soy, corn and refined sugar free. Impressed? Me, too!

Their gourmet offerings include a gluten free sourdough bread that is so popular that you actually need to reserve a loaf in order to be sure you’ll get one. They also bake up a fougasse – a flatbread made rich with herbs, olive oil and sea salt. And, there are sweeties too – there are chocolate and brownie cakes, all made without refined sugar. They instead use the more healthful maple syrup and coconut sugar. Delish!

COVID Precautions and planning: Curbside pickup is always available.

The Bread Essentials, Etobicoke, ON

Okay, this is GTA and not strictly Toronto, but the reviews on this amazing little gem of a bakery makes it worthy to be on our list. Visit them at . This bakery also bakes gluten breads, so as always – be careful. Their gluten free offerings include a scrumptious looking cocoa banana bread that would be awesome at breakfast, a savoury gluten free chicken pot pie, and also gluten free English muffins. (Note: those are only baked on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.) Nothing better for your homemade GF Egg McMuffin fix.

If you want to eat gluten free AND sugar free, they have a loaf of sugar free banana bread that has me literally drooling. I’d love to hear back from you if you try some of it.

COVID Precautions: Shipping is actually available nationwide. (And boy does this gluten free bread look amazing to me!! I don’t think I’ve seen a gluten free sourdough loaf of bread look more like the original gluten-filled version.) Also, curbside pickup is available.

And…our Gluten Free Snack of the Day – Gluten Free Oreo cookies (almost) – Kinnickinnick K-Toos

And…sometimes we just want to reach into the pantry and grab a row of cookies. These are some of my favourite Oreo wannabes! Also excellent, I must say, crunched up and sprinkled over vanilla ice cream and then topped with hot fudge sauce. Glorious gluten free!!

Kinnikinnick Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookie, 220 Gram
Currently $3.99 a box
Please note prices can change at any time

In summary – even if you have to eat gluten free, I promise that you can still find really satisfying baked goods. As we find more delicious things, we’ll update to keep your life…yummy. 🙂