A picture of sourdough to denote what you can get at gluten free bakeries in St. John's.

Gluten Free Bakeries St. John’s, GF Bread and Snacks in Newfoundland

Gluten free bakeries in St. John’s sounds like wishful thinking. Why? Because sometimes it is hard to equate delicious treats with gluten free. When most of us think of gluten free baked goods, we think of the tasteless, cardboard, and frozen things you can sometimes purchase at grocery stores. Not ideal! Could there be gluten free bakeries in St. John’s that actually make delicious baked goods?

The answer is a resounding yes! For the gluten intolerant and Celiacs, there are options and tasty ones at that. In fact, many of the options available at these bakeries sound delicious! Here are a couple of excellent Gluten Free bakeries:

Gluten Free Bakeries St. John’s

Nourish Bakery – Located on 1304 Topsail Road in Paradise, everything made in this bakery is gluten free. Yes, this bakery is 100% gluten free! Those are our favourite words around here.

Open since 2014, the bakery is Celiac safe. Hooray! Besides in store service they have delivery available. There are also vegan options available. Some of the tasty gluten free items you can purchase are cinnamon raisin loaf bread, pizza crusts, hamburger buns, black bottom cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls and cream puffs.

Tulip Baroo Bakery – Located on 59 Harvey Rd in St. John’s, they consider themselves a “gluten sensitive” bakery. The reason for it is that their gluten free flour is produced in facilities that also produce wheat flours. (So please be cautious if you’re Celiac!) They are also a designated a vegan bakery. Some of the baked goods using gluten gluten free flour are sourdough and pumpernickel bread, double chocolate peppermint cake, London fog cupcakes, chocolate hazelnut cookies, salted chocolate tart.


If you need to eat gluten free in the St. John’s area – you now have excellent options! Grab something delicious as a dessert after dinner, or a scrumtious pastry to go with your cup of coffee at breakfast. Yes, gluten free bakeries are alive and well and will continue to grow as the demand for them does. This means that everyone can enjoy the delicious food the city has to offer. So the next time you’re craving something sweet…have no fear! Gluten free bakeries in St. John’s are here!

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