Gluten Free Bakeries Seattle – Enjoying Tasty Treats on the West Coast

Have you ever walked by a bakery and the sweet aroma coming from it draws you inside? You then walk to the counter with your mouth salivating anticipating a tasty treat. However, you are brought back to earth by the answer of the dreaded question, “are there any gluten free options?” Yes, the question that has denied you many a treat has denied you again! However, there is hope as more and more gluten free bakeries are popping up everywhere. This is good news for those diagnosed with Celiac disease, or those with a gluten allergy. Relief has come!

Seattle is a truly beautiful city. You are surrounded by mountains and ocean, so what’s not to like? Besides that it has some pretty cool attractions such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Yes, Seattle is a pretty amazing place. Also really cool? There are more and more gluten free bakeries showing up all over the emerald city. Yes, gluten intolerant and Celiac people can have their cake and eat it too! Here are a few options below.

Gluten Free Bakeries in Seattle

Nuflours Bakery – Located on 518 15th Ave E, this bakery is certified gluten free and peanut free. It also offers vegan, egg free, dairy free, honey free, gelatin free, and paleo options. The bakery has many tasty treats such as Tiramisu, Eclairs, Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Classic Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Niche Gluten Free Cafe & Bakery – Located on 808 12 Ave, this is a dedicated gluten free bakery. It also has dairy free, vegetarian, paleo and vegan options on its menu. Some of the sweat treats you can have from their menu are Avocado Cucumber ‘ N Seeds Toast, Curry Salmon Bagel, Nutella Waffle, and The Niche Club Sandwich.

Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company – Located on 13600 20 St. in Bellevue just outside of Seattle, this is a dedicated gluten free and peanut free bakery. Most of the products are made without dairy. The bakery does not use soybeans or soy flour and there are vegan options. Some of the baked goods you can have are French Bread, Honey Quinoa Sandwich Loaf, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake.

DIFATTI Difatti Gluten Free Plain Gnocchi, 250 Grams If you’ve been craving a plate of delicious gnocchi that won’t make you sick – try this! Chex Gluten Free Chocolate Cereal, 360 Gram Sometimes we just crave a bowl of really good cereal that takes us back to childhood. Chocolate Chex is guaranteed gluten free – so it’s great for you or your kids to snack on.


Gluten sufferers no longer have to be sleepless in Seattle — frustrated over the lack of gluten free options. Fortunately, Seattle provides a wide variety of gluten free bakeries and the number is growing all the time. Finally, we can have tasty baked goods like everyone else! Let the good times roll!

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