Gluten Free Bakeries Montreal – Sweet Delights in Quebec

Ah gluten free bakeries in Montreal, who would have thought? Not too long ago that would have been a foreign concept. However, today gluten free bakeries are growing like never before and I for one am glad for that! No longer do gluten sufferers have to search high and low for gluten free options. Instead they can now go to bakeries that will cater to their needs. Wonderful!

I love Montreal! It is a beautiful and vibrant city. From the diversity of its people to the historical charm of its buildings, Montreal is a cultural marvel. Because of this, bakeries in Montreal are world renowned. In particular gluten free bakeries are growing in number and in quality. Let’s look at a few tasty options.

Gluten Free Bakeries Montreal QC

Cookie Stefanie – Located on 272 St. Jacques Ouest, Cookie Stefanie is nestled in Old Montreal. This quaint bakery is completely gluten free and has many mouth watering baked goods such as their signature cookie which is delightful. They also have a variety of cupcakes, cakes, brownies to name just a few.

Boulangerie Le Marquis – Located on 367 Rue Castelnau East this is not only 100% gluten free but also lactose free with everything with organic flours. The bakery has a wide variety of gluten free goods both savory and sweet such as Walnut bread, Almond and Blue berry tart(vegan), Apple pie(without milk), and Turkey and Cheese sandwich.


Montreal has a wide variety of gluten free bakeries to meet your needs. No longer do you have to settle for sparse frozen options. Instead you can have fresh pastry that is tasty like the rest do. Bon Appetit!

Travelling to Montreal? Montreal City Map by Lonely Planet (sometime it’s still nice to have a paper copy that you can tuck into your backpack, right?) Easy fold AND waterproof, and not all phones can claim that! 😉 (Canadian Link right here.)

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